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The real long-term effects?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by junebughunter, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I smoked the for the first time at the age of 13. From then on smoked 1-4 times a month until I turned 18. At that point I started smoking 3-5 times a week.

    When I turned 21 I moved in with a good friend. We both started smoking 2-5 times a day.

    I'm now 22 living in San Francisco. I probably smoke 5 times a week, and if I go to concerts I'll probably smoke 3-5 times while there (once every other week maybe?).

    I don't think in all of this time I've ever grown a real tolerance, I've always had primo stuff though. I don't really get sleepy or "too high" anymore, I can smoke just about any amount and as long as I have eye-drops nobody will know if I'm high or not.

    I've noticed some recent mental effects...

    Within seconds of taking a hit, I feel a near peak high.

    This developed over the last 2-3 months. It's as if the receptors in my brain have acquired an acute taste for THC.

    What could this be from?

    Also, I occasionally get some bad spells of paranoia/insecurity/semi-depression.

    Usually when that starts I slow down my intake, or just stop for a week or even month and start again. I go right back to the normal, blissful, appreciative of my senses, high that I enjoy.

    With the paranoia/super-quick high happening, I've started to become a little more considerate of what the long term effects might be?

    I consider myself a very sane, smart, successful individual. I graduated high-school early, started college early, dropped-out and pursued a career that I am having a lot of success with...

    Are there any reads that have unbiased scientific results of the true long-term effects of smoking?

    Does anybody have any unbiased insight?
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    I agree with you completely. I have some of the same things that you have and sometimes after I smoke I feel bad about it. But in just in college but was told today by the college that I should take a year off to pay them back... then come back.

    But I know people who have quit and they get back to a more standard way of life. But if you crave it and cant quit or think you have messed your self up bad then go to a meeting and talk about it.
  3. To be honest, I've never felt any guilt about smoking itself. I have relatively liberal views on it. Instead it's more of a over-analysis of my character.

    I'll analyze things I do or say socially and almost feel embarrassed about them, sort of a disgusted "dude, what was I thinking?" thought over and over in my head. During which I'm telling myself "your just high."

    I just read word for word the wikipedia on THC

    It's always nicer to relate or discuss it with people that have personal insight on the matter
  4. Completely unrelated, what type of career are you pursuing? :)
  5. That is just what happens. From my experience once you start smoking daily (usually if you start wake and baking daily) sometimes you dont even need to smoke and you will still feel high all day. Or if you just wake and bake every day you will NEVER (unless some kind of super smoke session) get as high as you do the first smoke of the day.

    I would just say you are building tolerance like everyone does. Same with alcohol its just that you are way better off being a pot head than being an alcoholic
  6. Software Developer, I've been working full-time doing it for about 5 years, but recently kicked into, 'not going back to college, gotta take it seriously' mode.
  7. i know a few girls that take benzos before they smoke to cancel out the paranoia it gives them. .

    perhaps something along those lines. although i hate to reccomend taking any pharms it might help.

    something bothering you that your keeping inside?
    for me personally being high can intensify certain issues im having that ive chose to ignore

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