The Rasta Kong

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  1. Greetings GrassCity,

    I'm Stumbler, new to this site... Just thought I'd welcome myself to your guys' community by presenting you with my baby:


    And the collection: (from left to right Phire Kong, Phire Legacy, Sheldon Black, Black Label Roor)
  2. My cousin has a Phire. I've only smoked out of it twice.
    Do you recommend them?
  3. The Phire Legacy was the first Phire I ever smoked out of... I love it... both of my Phire's deliver very solid hits. Great bong's imho
  4. people talk shit about phire but I have seem some.bad ass phire bongs

    I like the gorilla
  5. Nice pieces.
    Btw, iso+salt is your friend.
  6. The kong one looks sick with the brown bowl.
  7. welcome to the city!
    i like how each of your bongs delieres a different kind of kit
    3 chamber/2chamber/beaker/largevolume straight
    if you have any glass questions, youve come to a great forum!
  8. Thanks all,

    Yeah DC... They're all very different, the Kong's a beast, and the high sneaks up on you. The Phire, clean, smooth, rather harsh. The Sheldon is one of the smoothest most intense straight shooters I've smoked from. Unfortunately I decided to take the pictures in between cleaning phases so the Kong and Sheldon aren't in their full glory.
  9. Nice collection
  10. that is exactly whta i thought xD

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