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    I am a hypochondriac. My whole existance revolves around the paranoia that I face on a daily basis. Since I was 15, I don't remember a time where I didn't think I was going to die from some sort of horrible illness. I have been checked for Diabetes, Testicular Cancer, you name it i've probably thought I had it at one point or another.

    Perhaps hypochondriac is too strong of a term for what I go through - from writing that, I realised that it doesn't stop at illness's, and in fact illness's are probably just the start. I worry about everything. I am always nervous, stressing over something. Scared for my parents health, scared about exam results, scared about relationship troubles. I've made peace with the world hundreds of times, prayed, prayed, and then prayed again, but still I always have something to worry about.

    Having something big to worry about puts you in a very awkward position - the human race is known to whore itself to religion in times of great need, and you seem to reflect on things in a much more optomistic, perhaps even longing way. The bad things cross your mind, but then you realise, they are probably worth riding out for the good times. So your friends are all assholes, at least they took you to that one banging party that time. So your cars broken down, imagine it hadn't, you wouldn't be able to spend time at home with whoever you live with then.

    I don't know where the hell this is going, but I just had a very strange epiphany, and felt so compelled to write about it. I'm just wondering if anybody understands what the fuck I'm trying to put forward because to be honest I don't even know. Maybe I should re-read this shit.

    tl;dr don't be a bitch it's only about 3 paragraphs
  2. by the way i don't know if hypochondriasis is a real diagnosable disease, but fuckit most of my worries come from self diagonising so might as well give myself this one as well
  3. I think what i'm trying to say is that it's weird that you don't truely appreciate shit until you think you're going to lose it?
  4. Your third post is what I would agree with :smoke:

    Only you can change yourself;

    that is if you want too.
  5. i liked this post because of the suspenceful value it held
  6. You taught us all a valuable lesson today george and for that i thank you.

    and try not to worry so much.

  7. alright man.

    don't forget to pick up one of my mean, lean, fat reducing grilling machines!

  8. I always thought Mike Tyson and George Foreman looked the same, I guess they're the same people.
  9. Anxiety man...shit sucks.i have it pretty ba too.with the worrying and what not, and panic attacks..
  10. Wow dude if you are like this normally I can't imagine how you get when high.

    MJ has always lowered both my ego and confidence while high,I go from
    Tiger foaming at the mouth to housecat in two tokes...

    I can't figure out why it does this to me and I don't like it.

    But it's only a minor setback the high is overall a good thing to me.
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    Yes, it is a real diagnosis. Not to encourage your phobia, but you could get it checked. Usually they only give psych diagnoses if it is negatively affecting your life. Is it? Or you could have GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder or something similar, but it depends on how it's affecting your life.

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