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  1. First:

    Jungle. The first junk-food store is about to open and all the animals were gathered there from last night. After a few talks, they decided to line up according to hierarchy. First the lion, then the tiger, bear and so on. The sign says: We open today at 7. Just out of nowhere, the rabbit comes running like crazy and goes round the huuuuuuge cue and stands in front of the lion.
    Lion: Hey you stupid rabbit. What are you doing here? Do you realize that i'm the king of all animals and it's my nobol right to be served first?
    Rabbit: but....

    And an uppercut hits the rabbit and flies 10 feet away. HE get's up after a while, runs and stands behind the lion and in front of the tiger. You motherfucker...who do you think you are? boy, you must be completely crazy. and then the tiger kicks the rabbit so hard that he crushes in a bush 20feet away.

    The rabbit, after 3 minutes, wakes up and he shouts: fuck you motherfuckers. I'm not opening today!! :D :D


    Jungle. (again) One morning the rabbit decides to go for a little walk. He starts runing up and down, till he finds his mate.. the wolf. He was rolling up a fat joint and was ready to fire it up...No , no ,no...what are you doing? the rabbit said. It's a beautiful morning dude. throw that joint away and lets go jogging. And so he did. As they were running they saw the tiger. She was about to eat some fresh mushrooms that she found on a pile of cow shit. Com'one don't need this. Let's go for a little walk. Admire our jungle/forrest. (the rabbit said)Don't ruin yourlife with this. Life is great even without drugs. Yes...the rabbit is correct - the wolf said. i even throu away my joint. come on.. don't spoil this ... And so the three of them , were running and playing. The rabbit spotted the lion from from far away. Let's go thereeeeeeeeeee. he said. They found the lion heating up 2gs of heroin, with his arm tide up and ready to shoot.
    Wolf + tiger: come on man, what are you doing here ?? this is bullshit. let's enjoy ourlives . we don't need drugs. look!!! we even throu away my joint and mushrooms. you see, the rabbit talked us out of it.
    Lion: you fucking idiots. I'm not going anywhere and especially running up and down like an idiot just because the rabbit dropped 2 e's again. Fuck off!!!

    hope you liked them


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