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Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. I'm watching the news and there have been lots of lovely tributes to the woman who has lived the longest, easyest and most comfortable life imaginable and also her family has taken a lot of public money that COULD have gone to homeless people, cancer research.... And now she's dead and there is a ten day period of national mourning. Who is going to mourn the people who die at fifteen in a cold dark alleyway after being beaten and left to die because they're homeless. Who is going to declare national mourning for the people who die from cancer- thousands a year. We have had a monarchy for many years- and for many years they have been above their "subjects." THAT is my rant over and done with. I shed no tears for the queen mother.
  2. i agree with u...but i think the big deal is that she's famous....she married a king...she was hella she's more well known than most cancer patiencs and......there is no and...i have no idea wut im talkin about lmfao
  3. That's exactly my point, dude. Just cos the old girl was a royal she's supposed to be better than us... WTF???
  4. Not being a British citizen I have no idea of the amount of class difference that you face daily.But I believe it's still simular to what happens here when a leader of state (ie President) dies. they too are elevated above the common folk, and all transgressions forgiven!! It's a shame that so many suffer, whlie those in power live the easy life!
    Ya got to give the old lady credit though, she stayed in England during the German air raids, when other world leaders would have ran off to safety!!
  5. i don't know much about her, except that everyone in the news lately says she did so much for her country that is good.

    i see your point eome, who can place the value of one human life higher than another's. i think it has everything to do with the media, and how/what they report. they control what we know about the world. horrible AND good things happen every day that aren't reported, or are only reported in the local town's newspaper.

    and it makes me mad all the time because the news reported is all about bullshit politics. you can't just read/watch one news source, because now there are some mediums that are now being swayed with contributions, and heavily influenced to report things certain ways. not that this has to do with the death of the queen mother, no matter how you put it her death is a tragedy as she was obviously loved by so many of her people.

    and we're focusing so hard on what's happening politically with isreal/palestine that we don't realize how hard it's hitting the citizens of that area. i went to church for easter sunday with my parents (my mom runs a bell choir and they sound SO GOOD) and the priest announced they're taking collections for a school that was terrorized quite badly by a suicide bomber.

    all we hear in the news in the US was "another suicide bombing happened tonight," and they switch right over to what the officials are doing in the country - not who was hurt, who was killed, what happened.
    i was almost surprised, like why haven't we heard of these tragedies in the news? i knew about the bombings, but i then realized just because it wasn't reported doesn't mean it didn't happen. it's fucking politics.

    important people die without ever being touched by the media, and yet there's now a huge fanfare for the death of a woman, the queen mother of all people. it's all over the news so much you almost HAVE to question "what about other people?"
    i don't think eome means any disrespect, or any demeaning by his questioning, i just think he's frustrated that there are larger tragedies in the world that aren't being paid attention to.
    my biggest pet peeve are the anti-drug commercials on TV. OK, why don't you put that money into the schools' activity funds so these kids can afford to join the band, do after school activities? teach them responsibility and good judgement - don't just tell them what is good and what is bad, that's a waste of your $.

    anyway end rant!
    god bless the queen mother and those who mourn her...
    and god bless all those who have died/suffered a tragedy as well. i cry everytime i hear anyone died, be it a gangbanging teen killed in crossfire, or be it robert plant (oh but that'll be a hard one when the time comes!!) it always makes me sad.
    someone out there is mourning.
    someone out there lost their life, and have taken the next step in existence, which can be a very scary thing i imagine no matter WHO you are.
  6. You know it seems like anymore politicians and entertainers are held on this huge pedistal. I'm sure they work hard to get there and enjoy the cush job, but it isn't worth what they are given. I mean i think something is wrong when a basketball player makes more than a doctor or teacher. Just another thing that just doesn't make sense.

  7. Why do they call her "Queen Mother"? Doesn't she have a friggin name? Basketball players make more than doctors because, well, they earn people money for a talent which most people don't posess. Sure Teachers, Doctors (a lost make really good money, by the way), police, whoever...they are jobs which require a large amount all over the country to make a major difference. Sure they help, but if the million or so teachers made $400,000 a year in this country it'd just cause inflation.

  8. Yah I will admit- in the second world war she went out to see some of the bombing victims... "Oh haven't got a home, HA i've got ten! I could quite easily put at least a couple of hundred of you in one or seven of them... nah" But let's face it, in this day and age all her family do is go chasing little foxes with fucking hounds (the unspeakable hunting the inedible) and go to the fucking races. AND THE WORST THING IS THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUY THIS SHIT!!! What about doctors who save tens, hundreds of lives in their careers. What do they get, little fucking racing boxes at a race course and the largest funerals in the country... DO THEY FUCK!

    Some people said something about people earning their position... All she had to do is marry a monacrch... all he had to do is be born. Logic?

    I do think that basketball players (or to an even LARGER extent football players {soccer} earn over £100, 000 a week). I think that is rediculous and they shouldn't get that much- but at least they kind of work for it...

    Lastly I would like to refer to a joke I heard told by a stand up comedian (rory bremner- who does impressons of celebrities):
    "you know prince phillip would be really good on customer care for things like televisions (at this point he put's on his best voice for prince phillip):
    'Doesn't work? HA HA... NEITHER DO I!!!' "

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