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The Puzzle Theory. Must Read

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by neff, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. This isnt exactly with Marijuana, but Extasy. It practically landed in my hands, but this is only one of the many philisophical things I said while rolling with my friend..
    Think of your life from a different prespective. There is a giant bag, of what seems like endless pieces to a puzzle. Slowly you reach into the bag, and choose whether to keep the piece, or toss it into the bag, maybe to never be found again.The life that you coose represents the puzzle as one. The puzzle is different pieces from your past, that even though they may be only small additions to the giant picture, they still are part of the puzzle(your life), and they will always be there. But even though they will always be there, you have a chance to make up for that by creating something better with the pieces that you continue to choose. For me, my life seemed perfect. I had every puzzle piece I needed for it to finally be the perfect puzzle, completed. There was only one piece to left to fill in, I had this piece. But the problem is the puzzle calls for a piece that has two connectors, and the piece only has one... Is it worth having a puzzle so close to perfect, but not perfect, or toss away the piece into the bag to one day achieve the piece that completes me..
  2. Heavy.

    Please add this to your collective thoughts, for fun, and then answer the question at the end...:

    The piece that completes your puzzle perfectly...always looks exactly like the piece in your hand, but when tried, it doesn't quite fit.

    When you look over, you see someone with a piece that looks like it fits your puzzle...and your almost perfect piece almost looks like it will complete their puzzle, too...

    When tried, it is discovered neither piece completes the others puzzle the way they thought it would...

    Now what?
  3. #3 jaybleezy, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2009
    Sounds more like your comparing life to a puzzle rather than making a theory, but thats besides the point.

    Your theory does indeed make sense and I've had similar ideas before (although not exactly like your puzzle idea). But i liked your idea of giving up an important piece of the puzzle in order to make your "life puzzle" more complete.

    Thanks for getting my mind goin man haha.

    And i just read the dude-above-me's post and that got me thinkin even more. now im stuck in a loop of thoughts.

  4. Well yes I could say that I am comparing it. But same none the less. And I didnt quite understand the post above you.

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