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    A stand alone, Troy McLure smoke repot template, with added categories. I apologize in advance for my photos.

    About the Strain

    Name The Purps

    Breeder BC Bud Depot

    Genetics sativa/indica hybrid, Mendo Purps IBL

    What marketing people say 1st place strain of the year and two-time BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup winner. Euphoric high, with no down feeling when it wears out. Tantalizing grape taste. Grow info: Indoor7-8 weeks / Outdoors late September

    About the Smoker

    Grower/Reviewer JPG

    Smoker Type daily

    Smoker's Preference typically I smoke sativas, but on occasion I like a good indica

    Consumption Method glass bong and joints

    Familiarity & Background I have happily smoked The Purps well over 50 times and this is how I came upon it: Every year I guerrilla grow with plants started from seed - these seeds were obtained through BC Bud Depot, grown indoors for 8-10 weeks, and then transplanted outside. In the sun, she is the fairest queen on the land: deep, dark green leaves, followed by rivers of purple. Sorry, no live shot photos. The 2011 harvest occurred during the 3rd week of October - a full 3 weeks longer than specified by the breeder. For plant oddities, one plent had vibrant green leaves (almost chartreuse in color) with bright purplish-blue buds. Another plant displayed purple striped buds. Buds are dense. After harvest, during the processing, I leave (no pun intended) a few larger leaves around the bud so the appearance may look airy and fluffy in the photos. Sorry for the bud/bong porn. If you are able to see from the pics, the buds in the jar come from a different plant than the buds in the forefront. Different phenos, but all have that same great smell.


    Buzz A nice sativa buzz, not overwhelming.

    High As Troy once wrote about sativas, "an awareness-expanding high." This stuff will give that to you. A very uplifting, good feeling high. Lasts from 2 - 21/2 hours. True, about the no burn-out factor - a nice trait.

    Taste fruity, pleasant. Orange cream soda best describes its taste. Exhales are smooth, almost sugary.

    Fragrance Sun ripened grapes. Like the name implies, the purple color that we often associate with grape flavored foods - the grape aroma that comes from them. Very similar to the sweetness of a freshly opened tub of strawberry cream cheese.

    Potency Pretty good. I'll give it a 7 out of 10 because I know there are a lot of potent strains out there - many that I haven't smoked yet.

    Summary One thing in particular I noticed when smoking this bud, is that it gets amazingly better as it cures - more noticeable than with other buds. The high is sweeter, hits are smoother or maybe hits are sweeter, high is smoother? When I break apart a bud, it produces such soft, uniformed piles of purple and green goodness. Like all of us, she gets better with age.

    Thanks Troy, for making me smoke over 50 times, thanks BC Bud for the wonders in a seed, and thanks GC for allowing me to share my thoughts.

  2. Even though some leaves may be purple just make sure u take em all off before inhaling.
    If you're a connoisseur and want optimal taste, good lookin shit for guerilla though.
  3. I agree. Part of my enjoyment is removing those outer leaves prior to breaking apart a bud.
  4. no homo but I'd smoke that dick for u
  5. You're naughty.
  6. a minnesota outdoor grower?! whoa interesting, we got the same location man!
    +rep for a sick report hope you are still puffing on some.
  7. Thanks Static Shock, Overdose, Medicineman, and Trazyfilth for the reps. If you guys were close by to where I live I would happily share some purps with you. One thing nice about GC is that I can share my experiences with people like yourselves who enjoy herb as much as I do.

  8. exactly my thoughts i hope to be growing someday :wave:
    keep on doing your thing man!
  9. Looks like some fire!
  10. Wasn't all that impressed with the outdoor purps I got
  11. Curious, what did you not like about it?
  12. well i got a gorgeous half pound of some outdoor purps and it had that vibrant purple just like your outdoor purps and was really unique looking and airey like yours. you open up the jar and the bud smelt like bitter grass or crayons and had no taste. very low potency also and harsh. seemed like a novelty strain to me
  13. That's interesting. Do you know if the grower used the same genetics (BC Bud) or some other "purps?" It seems like a lot of people reference their purple weed "The Purps," but I believe BC Bud was the first to use that title. There is an indoor grower here in GC that thinks highly of The Purps and shares the same apprreciation as I do about this strain (his stuff appears similar to what I grew, but he does grow indoors). Between indoor and outdoor grown weed, I don't think there would be too much of a difference in the potency or taste (using the same genetic line), as long as both were harvested and cured at the proper time. It's been 7 months since my harvest and my bud still has good taste, but it has become a little more earthy; though it has maintained its smoothness and high. And yeah, I do agree that there are a lot of novelty strains being marketed.

  14. I don't know if was from bc or not I'm assuming not. Also, it was titled purp. But this guy's the best outdoor grower I know and he always has the real stuff. It looks very very similar to your stuff. Is that indoor grower sg1 by chance?
  15. The indoor grower that I was referring to is marcog. He has an awesome grow room and some nice plants.

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