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  1. Today, I was at my homeboys smokin' a B, and he says to me "Bro, have you ever played Killzone?" Truth was, I hadn't. I know, the games been out for a long time, and I'm just now getting around to playing these last-generation video games, it seems sort of ironic, really. Anyways, we fire that up, play for a bit, and I actually really enjoyed it. So my friend and I get on the subject of PS3's, and I guess I'd like to know if you guys think they're worth getting. I have a 360, I've played the Wii and I'm not really interested in that, so now I need to know if the third system here is any good. Also, could you guys fill me in on some pro's and con's of this new Playstation and lastly: What good good games are our for it/are coming out for it?
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    What do you consider a good game. Sorry dude but everyone has different taste

    Go here

    Research alittle and go from there

    Only game on ps3 I can't get for xbox is gran turismo

    Id say no on the ps3 especially if you got an xbox, just my opinion.
  3. You're willing to buy an expensive console for one game?
    The 360 is just as good if not better.
  4. No. If I wanted a PS3 right now, I'd have one. I came here to see if anyone could offer some decent insight (Obviously not, in your case.) on whether or not the console is worth looking into. I had a good history with the PS2, and just haven't thought about it's next-generation addition since I have my 360. Try to have some meaning behind you next post, people seem to like that.

  5. wrecked
  6. Why would you even look into getting it if you have a 360 though?
    The 360 has more exclusive titles.
    The only somewhat decent exclusives for PS3 are Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4.
    You'll be able to get God of War 3 for it next year but aside from that the console doesn't offer much.
    It is definitely a waste of money if you already own a 360.
  7. I know one con of the PS3 is that it doesn't play PS2 games.
  8. Actually certain PS3 models can play PS2 games.

    PS3 Exclusives:
    Killzone 2 - Most amazing shooter ever
    Resistance 2 - 30vs30 online insance chronic game
    Socom: Confrotation - Tatical Shooter
  9. Common now people. Here's a list of why you should always choose a PS3 over an Xbox.

    1. Blu-Ray player - come the f*** on! a blu-ray player alone should make you buy it.
    2. FREE ONLINE! Playstation Network doesn't charge you to play games online, unlike xbox.
    3. Blu-Tooth Compatibility - any bluetooth earpiece can be used on a ps3, not sure of xbox.
    4. If you buy the 80Gb memory PS3, you CAN play ps2 games on it.

  10. First of all, Blue-Ray looks like crap. Second of all, Sony is going to start charging for online once they fully launch Home. Third of all, I've never got a ring of death, nor have any of my friends who bought a recent edition 360. Honestly, I loved PS2, but PS3 is losing several sponsors due to it's puny lineups and it's bad corporate decisions. There's even rumors that Square Enix is taking FFXIII to Microsoft(Sorry Sony, it was good knowing you:().
  11. I have a ps3 and it has entertained me while high more times than i can describe lol. Personally, i love the layout of the ps3 from turn on until turn off compared to the 360, almost easier and more straightforward to use.

    Gamewise im not too sure how many MORE games you would have for the ps3 than a 360, BUT one big one is Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. I LOVE that game. Honestly, have never played it sober, but after a few bong hits im sure the intense racing through pretty much a jungle island becomes INTENSE. it's a very fast game that can entertain any stoner.

    Uhh the game Fallout 3 is really cool, it's like an adventure/FPS game combined, its pretty unique. I know its not PS3 exclusive, but i have it and i love the game. If you were to get the game, get it for the 360 though because microsoft bought all rights to the game and new updates will only be coming out for the 360 users... sons of bitches =\.

    Another bonus of a PS3 is that it doesnt eat games like the 360 does, and it never gets a red ring of death.

    Hope this helped you :) Smoke on \m/>_<\m/
  12. I got a PS3 for 1 game specifically...MGS4 and it was totally worth it. Easily top 10 games of all time.

    theres also the Gran Turismo series and Killzone..Im not a huge gamer as I used to be, so the multimedia performance of the PS3 is awesome as well

    you can stream music and videos (I DL like everything) and stream through WMP 11 or some other programs...I know the Xbox has this capability but it isnt as user-friendly as the PS3 (my friend has an Xbox and its a bitch to get it working)

    and to the person saying Blu Ray looks like crap...that makes absolutely no sense. "Hi def looks shittier than regular TV" makes no sense at all (now getting technical there is a difference in quality between studios, warner sucks balls at transferring movies to blu ray)
  13. I love my PS3. <3 Love playing resistance and confrontation. Love the free online, layout is straight forward and to the point, love that I can use my bluetooth for online, and I love that the hardware is WAY more stable then Xbox, and that is fact. So many red lights of death it's a shame.
  14. Yeah me too, i have resistance its pretty intense i love it :D. Send me a friend invite next time your on, name: AsumeNuthin :)
  15. i'm a big sony fan, but i think i'm skipping the PS3. a friend owed me money, so i took his PS3 for a few months. by the time he paid me back, i was bored of it. I mainly played GTA and some racing games. i figured with the economy the way it is, theres better things to spend my money on than video games right now.

    i really like sony so i don't want to say no.
    but you should just probably buy some more games for the system you have
  16. The Xbox 360 eats games?
    Hm, I've had mine for over a year and have yet to see it ingest a game..
  17. Nah, if it ate a game that wouldn't be a big deal, just open it up and find a way into the disc drive and get it out, instead the Xbox just completely stops working.
  18. Don't listen to the 360 fanboys in here.

    I have both a 360 and a PS3 and I have to say that the PS3 is definitely coming into its own. First off, it's a much more streamlined and complex system than the 360. It runs super smooth and can be operated on the fly (not to mention that bluray drive that more than makes up for the high price!)

    Then you have a game like Medal Gear Solid 4, which is in my book, one of the greatest games ever played. The story is amazing (for the most part) and it's a much more user friendly combat system than what was present in the series in the past.

    Little Big Planet (for those that love user created content communities surrounding their games)... This game changes the entire face of what video games can be.

    Socom+ Warhawk- Both are strong multiplayer games with great communities, although the SOCOM community has a very steep learning curve, it's still THE BEST tactical shooting series you will ever play.

    Then of course you have Killzone 2 coming out which has early reviews singing nothing but praise and saying how the multiplayer is amazing. Can't wait to play this one.

    The PS3 may have had a weak start out of the gate, but it has some killer games coming up or already out on it. Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are definitely two games I'm looking forward to.

    The simple fact that the bluray drive in the PS3 is STILL one of the best on the market, should already be a major selling point for people with HDTVs... The right movies on bluray look amazing and what does the Xbox have? Oh that's right, you had to shell out a shit load of money for an HDDVD drive that is now a dead technology.

    We also don't have to pay for our online gaming, PC is still the best though :)
  19. I have the PS3 and love it. We have Resistance, Call of Duty, Madden etc, and there all badass games. Graphics are killer especially on high definition.
  20. Where are you getting this information from?
    I've never experienced anything like that.
    Nor have any of my 3 friends who have a 360.

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