The price is a little high bob

Discussion in 'General' started by capedankness, May 1, 2006.

  1. That man is my long lost son.
  2. this dude is fucking awesome

    look how many people knew what he was tlakin about lol
  3. Ya the whole crowd clapped when he said it, i was pissed when that chick stole his prize, immagive if he won that guitar he would have been so happy
  4. yea man that was SUCH bullshit
  5. he should have one...some bullshit!

    although he won no real prizes...he won our hearts!
  6. Yeah and if i ever meet him, he gets smoked out for sure.

  7. exactly what i was thinking
  8. Haha, "ill bid all my life savings...420" ha!
  9. ive always wanted to say this bob.. im going with 420! hah thats just classic

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