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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by mosez, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all, I'm a silent reader/smoker. I live in a pretty large older house that has been converted into four different apartments. They are all seperate dwellings, and everyone that resides smokes bud. I'm considering a small, first time grow after a lot of research, mimicing the one from the book "Buds for Less". How strong will the plant be in comparison to our constant smoking? Between the two of us, we smoke a half ounce every week, and our one upstairs neighbor says she can smell us in the hallway when we smoke. This is one of the only things keeping me from starting, twarting the smell. :wave:
  2. Well if you use a carbon scrubber you can get rid of all smell. Since you guys so smoke so much I would say people would be less suspicious. What kind of grow? A micro grow?
  3. yes'sir, thats what i'm going for. We just got a small little one bedroom apartment, so we end up spending more on tree a month then we do on rent =P Thats what I was gonna fall back on, using the carbon scrubber, but if its not too funky a stink, I would like smell it ya know?
  4. the smell of growing cannabis can be very different than the smell of smoked cannabis, and it will be present 24/7 during flowering if you do not use a carbon filter. A filter properly set up will eliminate all of the smell.
  5. If everyone there smokes, why are you worried about the smell? It will stink for sure. You could go with a less stinky strain though, and that should help a little. Just don't grow anything like Sour D, Headband, OG, Tahoe Kush, Chemdog, or GDP. Those will wreak out your house. Green Crack is a milder smelling strain if you can get clones. Or, I normally don't recommend autos, but they usually smell less than dank.
  6. The smell worries me because I don't want any nosy pedestrians to catch a whiff walking by my house. I paranoid about things by nature, so I think I'm just going to invest in the scrubber. I'll be able to get my dosage of smell when I have to re position lights, water, etc etc.
    I also don't want to have to sacrifice potency in marijuana for strength in smell. As nice as it would be to just smell it all day... Lol
    Thanks for the opinions guys! (and gal =)
  7. Are you venting outside? Are you on the ground floor? Does your super come into your place for inspections?
  8. I'm working inside of my closet, I don't think I can vent outside, although that closet should be on an outside wall of the the house....
    The landlord never comes around, andddd we are on the second floor
  9. I'd say you're are good. Just don't tell a soul in Ur building. Because they will say something to their friends. Next thing you know is you come home and find your setup gone.

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