The Politics of Ecstasy

Discussion in 'General' started by Zyphus, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ... is a book you should ALL own. Finally picked up a copy of this at Borders and have been reading it all day. For those wondering, it's based on the 50's Harvard experiments. It's fairly intense reading, alot on psychedelics and their power to the human brain. If your venturing into the world of psychedelics I would highly recommend this book. It gives you the need to know facts by the man himself, Dr. Leary. No bullshit. It's great even if your an avid tripper aswell. Take note: this isn't simple reading so don't expect to flip through it, it's full of extremely detailed and complicated information for the mind. Take it slow and absorb the teachings.

    - Zyphus
  2. It was my bible for a while but then I realized Leary was a hack.
  3. ill pick it up if i get the chance... a good book would do wonders to my boredom level :\

    i kind of want to read pihkal too

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