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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by xraygord, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. By having this section, the owners of this forum must be aware that people will argue and say things that are inflammatory. That is the nature of politics. If the owners don't like people arguing or saying mean things, then get rid of the Politics section. If you don't get rid of that section, forum members will continue with the bickering and hate filled speech. This has been proven to be true long before the interent was invented. There is a reason why many places don't allow for the discussion of politics and religion.
    There, now you know.
  2. There is a huge difference between a healthy debate and a full on flaming match.

    Name calling and disrespect is not allowed here. Everyone must agree to all the forum rules before becoming a member here. If a member fails to keep to the rules which they agreed to then the post/member will be dealt with accordingly.

    It's very easy to talk politics without resorting to name calling. Obviously people will have mixed feelings over certain things. But that does not give a reason or excuse to break the rules.

  3. I'm so very enlightened, now. Thank you.

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