The political atmosphere is really heating up lately... I have a question for you?

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    In the 1970 film, Tora! Tora! Tora!, briefly after Pearl Harbor is ransacked by the Japanese Naval Air Fleet, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted as saying:

    In today's political environment, it is easy to see these parallel between the past attack on our freedom and present current events. High taxes, high unemployment, high crime and lower opportunities. In short, there is a lot of bad and not too much good. Life in America seems bleak lately. You do not have to watch the news to understand that America is in the beginning of a depression. Making it worse, Congress is passing bills that degrade our liberty and what truly makes us American. The State is now farther and federal government, mother. They are taking away what truly makes us free. The future is uncertain.

    • Do you think the recent and past attacks on American Civil Liberties will "awaken a sleeping giant"? If not, what will it take? What will you do? What are you going to do to protect your civil liberties?

    The time for America has since past. I fear, sometimes, as it might be too late. I fear, that Democracy has died. Died before, many of us posting on this forum were born. Not many people have actually tasted it.. Maybe no one alive today. I am talking about: True freedom. No oppression of Natural Rights. I personally feel oppressed. I feel that prisons are being built around me. Does anyone else feel violated as I do? What am I doing to change it?

    I am bitching about it here to you guys :wave:, hoping I will get a few of you on my side, but this is just the beginning. The future only knows what will happen next, even it is not certain. I sucks that I even have to feel this way, but I am certain things will change. They have to.

    A rubber band can only be stretched so far before it snaps. Releasing a tremendous amount of energy.

  2. America the great has destroyed itself..
    In its endless rush for money and world domination it has neglected the basics..
    Its people.. A monster has being created from greed and a hunger for power..

    It will go the way of other great world powers such as Rome and lose all control.. Its like a hungry pit bull scratching at the door now.. Its time is up and it knows it.. Children of the beast prepare for the tough dark days that are coming..

    Make way America for the next world power..
  3. Heating up lately? Do we have an influx of people who only got in to politics when Obama got elected or something? There seems to be lots of people who have already forgotten the last 8 years. I dont know how many times I've heard that "never before have tere been outbursts at the president during a speech!".

    Dont start having wet dreams just yet genius. China being the next world power probably wouldn't bode well for most.
  4. Give me Jet Li ahead of John Rambo any day..
  5. Naw man. Sleeping giant gone wake up and watch Oprah.

    Political discourse is always heated. The dissent of the public is heating up, but as Drone said it's been happening for 8+ years.
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    There is no way the Obama admin can push their totalitarian agenda through, that is unless they instill fear and hysteria in the people to follow it, (the definition of terroism), so within a month expect an inevitable event (most likely manufactured), it may come in the form of the swine flu, economic collapse, disaster, war, but believe you me, the media will hype it up and it will be used to further their agenda. And if you disagree you are a moron.
  7. The American Empire is coming to an end. We are right now witnessing the decline and fall of that Empire. Pax Americana is coming to a close. Look to the East and that is where you will find fortune. China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam -- these are the places where new money is to be made. Billionaires will spring up all over the East as the Western Empire collapses. I hope and pray that America breaks up the same way the Soviet Union did. But I'm fairly confident that there is going to be violence in much of what will become the former United States of America.
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    Whoever makes shit for the rest of the world is going to be more prosperous.... China's industry is insane. What about India? - All the engineering jobs are going there, along with China.

  9. America's going to collapse huh? It's the 70s all over again. It seems like every generation of high school/college students who've only experienced the crises of today and think the world's coming to an end. Comparing the problems America's facing today to the problems of the past is like comparing an awkward moment at a family dinner to a car accident. (lol, I'm baked, just finished hot-boxing my sheets)

    I predict a recession for America and possibly a decline in stature compared to other countries, meaning we'll probably be challenged on our foreign agenda more. However, for most of America's history we've faced a foreign adversary, and I think we get stronger when we do. Americans got spoiled and retarded in the 1920s, doing dumb shit like prohibition and poorly managing our stock market, we get bent over a barrel by the great depression, but then WWII comes around and we kick ass. When a country doesn't face challenges it's people get lazy.
  10. [ame=""]YouTube - wilco - you never know[/ame]

    Things are just further along now than they were in the 70s. We were still under the Bretton Woods standard during the last period of panic, since then we've kicked inflationary printing into overdrive. Our debt obligations then pale in comparison to what we face now.
  11. Invest now.... 1 USD = 0.632233 SDR
  12. I only keep enough liquid assets on hand to survive for 2-3 weeks, the rest is in appreciating commodities (food, metals, bullets). :smoke:

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