The plague of social life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mary Jane Wanna, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. It took me a while to get a facebook. I have a dislike of anything related towards mass media, and shit like that. But I finally decided it wouldbe much healthier for my social life because it would slowly keep from becoming a friggin recluse. Facebook is a great communication tool for keeping in touch with your friends. BUt when does it get out of hand like in that new south park episode. People friend request you that you have never even talked to but they happen to be a friend of a friend. If you plan on posting personal info on the web. You dont simply friend everyone and their brothers. I see a social curse in front us. Those who lack the true ability to make human connections (I am sort of in that phase). And those few, good friends that know how to use social tools properly. Man this weed is fucking strong... BUt anyway, I am begginning to realize why so many people go through depression due to social issues. Im not making socializing into a fashion but its what has actually been programmed into our DNA. Healthy humans are a lot more social becuase that is how their brain has internally programmed. Luckily there are psychedelics out there to provide fascinating and beautiful new spectrums to life. We do not have to be bound by these darwinary presets. Thats why life is so much more enjoyable with 5th circuit and up drugs.
  2. Just only go as far as your comfortable with. Keep it between close friends, no personal info etc.. Whatever your happy with and it can be pretty neat.

    5th circuit? agree on the second point :p
  3. Im falling into it too. I might just make a Facebook so I can communicate with people outside of school. I have bad social skills anyway
  4. I have 7 friends on facebook. Luckily I don't get too many FR because I end up deleting them all anyway. Most of them are those freaks who think facebook is a game where the winner is the one with the most friends. I delete and ignore anyone on there that I don't know or feel comfortable with.
  5. I know all the people on my FB, I have a few friends from xbox-live on there, that's why all of the info that is registered on my facebook is false info, including my cell #, and my e-mail doesn't display.
  6. i hate facebook, I dont even have one, but yet im in hundreds of pictures with beer and paraphernelia (im 19). ill be sitting here on my computer, and my roomate will holler at me like hey man heres another pic of you holding a beer, its kinda fucked up seeing that on the internet with hundreds of people looking at it
  7. haha ive got like 47 or sumthin. i just like gettin on there to fuck with people on their staus updates i LIVE for that shit lol

  8. 7 friends?!? what a LOSER!!

    haha, totally kidding man. I have Kip Drordy as a friend;)
  9. My cousin gets mad at the same thing lol
  10. its just a little sketchy for me, I know most of the people that look at the pics of me Ive partied with, but who really knows. Some cops that I know have facebook, also some managers at my job, shit just about everyones got a fb now it seems. I'm pretty sure my 11 year old nephews even got one
  11. proud nonsubscriber to FB/Twitter i do have a myspace but i made that shit years ago i almost never check it. I refuse to be sucked in to the douchebaggery of online social networking. My social skills are fine i can talk to anyone i work in customer service. i just dont keep alot of friends anymore.
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    doesnt bother me ive got nothing to hide
  13. haha i say dumb shit on facebook all the time (convos on my status with friends about how im gonna blaze the next day, and where and shit haha). but i blocked people i really dont want seeing from seeing most of my profile, even though were friends, so watever.
  14. Haha I've had so many people delete me off Facebook because I left douchey comments on their updates

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