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The Permenant High Life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Johnsy, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Is there any fellow stoners like me that cant go a couple of hours without toking?

    The high life is THE life :)
  2. i used to smoke every hour or so when i had an abudance of weed. then it became 3-4 hours, then 5-6. then id have to wait a week to get more. then id do it again every hour. then, i owed my dealer quite a sum of money. but he was cool about it, he didnt pull a "big worm" on me like you saw what happened in the movie Friday. he was like, "oh fuck it, its just 3 ounces." i couldnt believe my ears. if it was me, i would have been furious. eh im probably making no sense, but i need to sleep.
  3. been there done that. thats fun for me at a day at a time, but i strongly believe its no fun to get high if you dont remember what a sober day feels like.
  4. I smoke about 5 times a day... Once at 8, then at 12, again at 3, repeating at 6, 9, and midnight.


    Sometimes I go to bed between the 4th and 5th times.

    Golly gee thats a lot :(.
  5. i quit wake n baking a while back, because any day that i did, itd be like impossible for me to get high by the end of the day. that would really piss me off. are me and you the only ones posting this morning dp? ha
  6. LoL, it seems like it man. What time is it over where you're at?
  7. 945 in the am. isnt indiana eastern time too?
  8. im originally from ohio, the medina area.
  9. im from texas! go me :p
  10. this thread is totally lost... haha
  11. My friends uncle who we chill with sometimes, is the definition of permahigh. We calculated that he smokes 15 j's a day and he smokes nothing but the dank :smoking:
  12. When I was able to get a half o a week, and smoked bongs moslty I was almost always atleast stoned, generally ripped. The reason was that My friend I smoked the most always reupped same if not more than me, and everyone we smoked with had weed.

    That college ruled.

    We would go smoked anywhere from groups of like 4-5 to 15-20 people in a circle passing pieces. Or wed chill at the frat house and the stoners would just pack bowls all night, and people would want to smoke and come in and pack a bowl.

    Id say I was in on smoking probally 4 bowls to my one during these times. (And I packed a fair bit)

    My problem now is weed is 200 an ounce there (BC beasters normally, really dank) or it would be 220 for ounces of headie Ak47, silver haze, white widow, things like that it was insane. Now and headies is atleast 200 per half o. Not to mention I have less money.
  13. I usually smoke every few hours, myself. The longest I've gone in years has been like, 24 hours. I've tried to stretch the time out between smoking but it's just too tempting to me...I'm one of those people who is fully functional when high...
  14. then the normal life is a high life if your always stoned
  15. Yeah, there's maybe 3 hours in a normal day that im not stoned..
  16. yea, everyone once in a while i like to jus be rediculously stoned all day.

    to me, it kind of feels the same as an out-of-town vacation. even though i'm just in my room sitting on my futon and being half-conscious and stuff.

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