The perfect world

Discussion in 'General' started by TheJourney, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. The perfect world is filled with sexy lesbians that want my dick. I just thought of this, and felt compelled to share it. Does not such a world sound amazing?(you may insert yourself for me, to understand its greatness)
  2. Then they wouldn't be lesbians.

    In a perfect world souls would merge as energy and feel something beyond the physical limitations of sex
  3. in a perfect worl, my joint would be endless
  4. Lesbians who only want one guy. That guy being me.

    And you can experience orgasmic pleasure beyond physical sex in this world, now. It just takes understanding and practice.
  5. In a perfect world, the sperm will be equivalent to money.


    In a perfect world, women will have to DRINK SPERM TO SURVIVE. Like, the sperm has this special mineral that is only found in men's sperm, and the women need to drink it in order to live.


    But I think today it's the other way around. The men have to eat pussies in order to survive and pussies are valued as much as gold.
  6. something perfect is everything it is and everything it is not.
  7. In my perfect world men would stay and just keep rolling ;-)

  8. what?
  9. I ment to say stfu and keep rolling

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