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The PERFECT Temperature for VAPORIZERS

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by susiesalmon, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. I found from wikipedia that the temperate in which THC vaporizes is at 392F

    But according to the article on vaporizers and from many other people, the ideal temperature is 356F

    I have a vaporizer myself and I have experimented with the different temperatures and found that at 356F smoke is released and it does get me high. Also at temperatures at 392F the smoke was a bit thicker and it also got me high. And I have even experimented with temperatures as high as 430F and it also gets me high. However, I am still unable to tell the differences between the highs. Which should be the ideal temperature to blaze?

    What does not make sense to me is that at 392F it is the temperature in which THC turns into vapor but why does the lower temperatures still get you high. If everyone could share their techniques on setting the temperature when smoking out of a vape it would be nice. =)
  2. To figure it out try this experiment i just thought up,

    1. Vape at a low temperature

    2. Save herb for later

    3. Vape herb later at a higher temperature

    If you still get high the second time you should probably just vape at the higher temperature initially
  3. My vapormatic is digital and I keep the temp @ about 365-ish myself. Sometimes the unit runs hot and I've had bud combust in the unit :( Flaming herb disks are no fuck to try and put out while holding a bag full of vape.

    Honestly, I don't get enough use out of my Vapormatic and wish I hadn't bought it.
  4. for the same reason that water still evaporates at room temp (or colder), just very slowly compared to near boiling or boiling temps. at a given temperature, the molecules in question have a distribution of energies (known as a Gaussian distribution...the temperature you see is only the averageof all molecules). at any given temp, there is a fraction of molecules that have enough energy to boil. at low temps, this fraction is small (hence why ice doesn't evaporate quickly, but in principle it will if given enough time). by raising the temperature, you increase this fraction of molecules that have the energy to vaporize. at boiling, virtually ALL molecules have enough energy to vaporize. by staying at a lower temperature, around 350, you can still get a significant fraction of THC to vaporize, just not necessarily all of it. at 392 all the THC will vaporize, but will also bring along other things (like combusted plant material).

  5. Yeah, what he said. if this thread was a contest, i think cheifton8 would win
  6. sounds like someone did well in chemistry
  7. aren't you supposed to increase the temp as u go?
  8. on point, plus rep. Also, that info is off of wikipedia, hence it is not necessarily true.
  9. i was a chem major in college...i love science, especially when high. it's cool shit. :)
  10. My vaporbros (awesome) usually hits pretty well starting at around 11 o'clock. I obviously don't know the exact temperature because its a knob, but I hope to change that soon with a non touch thermometer. I usually set it low and crack it up as needed until its completely cashed- saves so much weed.
  11. that made me lol for some reason.. "damn it, it STILL got me high!!"
  12. That's because THC and other cannabidnols vaporize at DIFFERENT temperatures. THC is pretty low about 320 degrees F (which is about 3.5 on the Volcano classic scale shown here: http://www.storz-bickel.com/fenster/volcano_temperaturtabelle_us.html). The OTHER cannabidnols don't vaporize until much higher, about 390 degrees F which is about a 7. When I'm using my volcano I start at 5.5, and use that setting for a while, usually 3 bags or so, then I go up to about 7.5 and blow a couple more bags. The last bag I'll go all the way up to 9, but that's usually because I have hash on top of my leaf.
  13. Thanks all. Just got mine and I'ma go with starting at 356 then raising the heat as it vaporizes. If that works well I'll let y'all know.

  14. does anyone here know what the best setting is for a new version of the vaporbrothers with the natural mineral heating element???
  15. sounds about right at 374 highest
  16. the initial temp i chose depends on the strain, but is usually between 5 and 6 on my volcano classic.
    some strains produce tons of vapor at 5, others only get really going at 6...

  17. i like to keep mine around 6-6.5
  18. A lot of the temperature depends on the density of the bud, and how find you grind it up. confetti burns faster than a ball of paper, and paper burns slower than newspaper.

    The only way to effectively test this out would be to have the same bud, cured the same way, picked at the same time, grinded the exact same amount. and then you would have to use your own opinion on efficiency, or time how long it takes to create a certain thickness of vapor with a constant pull on the whip.

    And this temp would only work for this exact bud, this exact way, with you pulling perfectly.

    However, the difference in efficiency of temperatures isnt as drastic as one would think, the main key is keeping the heat source from making direct contact with the bud.

    Long story short: there is no perfect temperature because of all the variables, but there really isn't a need for your "perfect temperature".
  19. 365 er' day
  20. I may have been going low based on the responses. I've been going at 235F and been getting great results. It's been a unique high where I'm really high but still able to do things like homework or going to the gym (some great sessions), but I've read that less than like 300F is wasting bud because it doesn't get a lot of the THC. Fact or fiction and will my high be different at higher temps?

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