The people who generalize hip hop

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  1. I read that whole thread about most rap containing bad subjects. Well think of it like this.

    Gangsta rap is the death metal version of hip hop. Sure a lot of people wont like it. But a lot do. I dont go around saying that rock sucks b.c. they all scream and talk about satan. B.c. they all dont.

    The mainstream guys (lil wayne, drake, soulja boy) are like the bad radio rock bands. Linkin Park, nickleback, three days grace. Not all rock bands sound like these bands either.

    There are plenty of rappers who dont talk about vulgar or candy ass subjects. You guys are making generalizations over whats popular, which is never the way to go. B.c. whats popular now adays is usually not too great.

    I can honestly say that there are just as many emcees today making decent hip hop as there are bad rappers making bad rap. Just look past the radio it isnt hard.

    Now I can understand if rap and hip hop isnt your genre. Not everyone likes it. But to say most of it contains bullshit and generic beats and lyrics is stupid.
  2. Worrrd. Couldn't agree more.
    I can't tell you how many times people ask me what kind of music I like, and when I say rap... all they can say is that rappers have no talent and shit like that.

    If this isn't talent, I don't know what is...
    [ame=]YouTube - Binary Star - Honest Expression[/ame]
  3. "Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture." - Method Man
  4. rap - lies = hip hop

    more to come from me botu to rant haha
  5. ^^ you think wiz, cudi, and 36 aren't mainstream?
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    Hip-hop is the five elements, (street culture basically) rap is one of the five elements.

    There's good rap and shitty rap, but rap - lies isn't hip-hop.
  7. True. There's a lot of good rappers that I listen to that rap about..well just normal shit.

    Although I slightly disagree of the death metal comparison, as I consider Metal seperate to Rock.... but that's just me being a prick haha

  8. triple 6 mystic stylez is def not mainstream by anyyy means.
  9. here we go again..somebody tryin to tell me bout the 5 elements lol..does anybody even break dance or graffitti anymore?

    and its from a t-shirt. not me.

    the problem with rap/hip hop w/e u choose to call it, is that its 50% haters, 49% stans and the other 1% is the smart fans (such as myself) who have no limit to what artists or genre or subculture of hip hop they listen to.

    one day i find myself in a mood to listen to DOOM or Little Brother, one day i wanna hear Game or Drake, then maybe some Binary Star and Jadakiss.

    i listen to good music. point blank period. and i know that i dont dick ride this guy or hate this guy for some bullshit, all the rappers i dont like, i dont like for reasons most directly linked to musical ability. (wayne, gucci, plies, ross etc etc)
  10. they won a grammy bro, how much more mainstream can u get? lol

    people seem to confuse the term mainstream and underground. DOOM is underground, Wu Tang clan is mainstream. Binary Star is underground, Nas is mainstream.

    u wanna know how i base it? records sold. if u went platinum, that means at least 1 million people know who you are.
  11. What if you are a hater b.c. you think the rapper's music sucks?
  12. you're absolutely right... rap - lies = an instrumental :laughing:
  13. the only reason i never listen to rap/ hip hop is because of what on the radio. i'm not disrespecting the genre at all though because i know there are a lot of good rapers. It's just that a lot of people generalize things souly based on the radio. it's a sad world
  14. my dads a guy who generalizes like that and i hate it
    always argue with him till hes irratated hahah
  15. The majority of rap is flooded with the gangster fashion, in one way or another. Not that it's easy to get away from, but I just don't see the point in glorifying hood life or sticking with the gangster style. The "gangsta mindset" is not a good one. Sorry, but it's not :/ Most rap promotes this.

    Right there is a generalization on rap. Now, don't get me wrong, I like my Gym Class a little, them reggae dudes know how to rap, Pharell / NERD is pretty cool, and I love Lil Wayne.

    But generally speaking (or making generalizations) rap is hoes, rims, drugs, guns..

    To say gangsta rap is the death metal of it's genre...? It's easy to distinguish rock 'n' roll from death metal. Sounds completely different. In fact, the rock genre as a whole is so complex, you might not even know you're listening to something considered rock. Zeppelin to Sublime, Deicide to Nirvana, The Beatles to Slipknot, Motley Crue to Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, The Misfits... This is all rock. You can tell vast differences in these artists.

    In rap, it seems that lyrical content dictates the sub-genre. Which means, drop the rhymes, and it'd all be lumped into the same category.

    I'm not hating on rap, that's your guys culture and if you feel strongly about the genre, by all means, all power to you. But getting all victimized because someone said something negative about it? C'mon guys... This didn't need a second topic...
  16. if u dont like lil wayne "cuz he kissed his dad", his tattoos, his appearence etc etc then ur a hater

    if u dont like lil wayne cuz of the overuse of autotune, his whack subject matter/content or his god awful delivery, then thats just simply just not being a fan of him.

    the only person i legit am a hater to is Gucci Mane. i hate that motherfucker.

    people are too caught up in the hoopla of this bullshit. i never understood the point to just constantly trash an artist with terrible arguing points lol.

    i like drake, i dont like the song find your love cuz he sings on it. thats just me

    Phonte is prob my favorite rapper right now, and wen he sings, i dont like the songs.

    people need to jsut start listenin to good shit and stop obbsessin over these "idols" of today. i feel like i shoulda been born in the 80s and not the 90s lol cuz the musical ability back then was just mind blowing
  17. i would say lil wayne drake and soulja boy are more like kids with down syndrome stung by bees

    how about rap + talent = hiphop

    id like to watch bone thugz n harmony tear wayne a third asshole
  18. A tribe called quest is the shit. Love to blaze to it :smoke:
  19. LOL you listen to terrible rappers man. Go listen to some good stuff before you say your opinion b.c. nobody will take you seriously if you say you love lil wayne.

    Its like you didnt read anything I said in my original post.
  20. lol, i don't really give a shit who likes lil wayne and who don't, I do, so that's all I really care about. I'm a man of music sir, I know more about music than you'll probably ever, so I don't care if I don't fit in with the rap eletist crowd.

    and I did read your op, i just think a second thread was rediculous.

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