The Penis Game

Discussion in 'General' started by Aconites, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. The rules are simple. Take a movie title and replace one of the words with "penis"

    Example: My Big Fat Greek Penis
  2. free penis....(free willy)
  3. Half Penis (half baked)
  4. Penis (Titanic)
    LOL Wait that doesn't work...

    Little Penis (little rascals) LMAO
  5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Penis


    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Homosexual Tendencies? :p
  6. Diary Of A Mad Black Penis
  7. Not Another Teen Penis (Not Another Teen Movie)
  8. joe's penis (joe's apartment)
    james and the giant penis (...giant peach)
    peniswater (bongwater)
  9. Mr & Mrs Penis (Mr & Mrs Smith)
  10. over the Penis
    See no penis
    x-men-the last penis
    the penis code
  11. Honey I shrunk the penis(Honey I shrunk the kids)
  12. ...Wow, homo-eroticism is getting rampant around here.
  13. Yeah what about it.:devious:
  14. Penis on a plane
  15. haha

    penis in da hood (boyz in da hood)

    12 penis' (12 monkeys)

    Penis at the gates (enemy at the gates)

    Saving private penis (saving private ryan)

    American Penis (american pie)
  16. The Long Penis, Goodnight. (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

    That's a Samuel Jackson classic for all the little ignorant mawfuckas.

    The Green Penis (The Green Mile)

    We Were Penises ( We Were Soldiers )

    The Night of the Living Penises ( just guess... c'mon )
  17. harold and kumar go to white penis (harold and kumar go to white castle)
    grandmas penis (grandmas boy)
    happy penis (happy gilmore)
  18. Wow... I think this thread really let some of ya'll out the closet, unknowningly.
  19. Alice in Penisland (didn't I see that in the back room of the video store?)

    The Penis Reloaded ("You mean....Neo is inside the vagina right now?")

    One Flew Over The Penis Nest (don't even get me started)

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