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The Patch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AbercrombieGuy, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. OK I just want to say that I am at 2 weeks and 3 days of no smoking. I feel so great. and im only 19..I had to quit..I used the patch for the first two weeks and thought that i didnt need it..and i was right..i really dont crave for anythign..if i do..i just eat something or put my mind off to a different subject. But my question is that my friend started the patch the same day because we were going to do this together to help each other throughoutt he process..well he wants to smoke again and he hasnt had the patch for 2 days and he was wondering if he started smoking again..will it effect him? because we heard that if you smoke while having the patch "on" could give you a heart attack. But we didnt know if you had to wait like a week before smoking again after the patch or if you have any advice on any of htis it would be great thanks
  2. a friend of mine's mother used the patch to 'try' and stop smoking, but she smoked while having it on. She never had a heart attack, if anything a slight buzz, so you should be safe. But don't take my word for, side effects will vary i'm sure.
  3. because its been 2 days since ive been off the it shouldnt hurt me or anything if i start back up right?
  4. shit probably not.....
  5. cinnimon toothpicks are the only way to go , patches keep putting nicotine in to your system so the addiction is still there . roll a joint & take a puff , its realy all about keeping your hands busy . make your own tooth picks its cheaper and you can make them as strong as you like , its all about repeditive motion hand to mouth good luck!!!!! patch
  6. this thread reminds me, i could really go for a cigarette, a sweet relaxing mellow cigarette *drools*
  7. Yes, a delicious roll of tobacco would be ever so perfect.

    The smooth, white smoke pouring like a waterfall into my waiting lungs. The satisfaction will be immediate, and I will feel whole again.

  8. Patch talking about patches!!!!

    That's funny! Of course, I'm high. But it would still be funny, if I weren't!
  9. It's too bad they don't havea THC patch. You could slip it on during work or school. Let it do its work.
  10. hmmmmm....A THC patch would kick ass..good thinkin
  11. how about an orgasm patch?
  12. [​IMG]
    how about an orgasm patch?

    im flatterd normsy !!! but im married & faithful to smokie, thanks for the offer anyway!!!! [​IMG]

    (gottcha) have a good one!!!! the patch!!!
  13. ahahahaha what the fuck is that random mermaid warrior for?

    It has absolutly nothing to do with this thread or your comments, its just a random mermaid wizard princess in the side of your text.
  14. no no it is relevent, that is a SEXY mermaid warrior princess..which induces immediate orgasms with her pronged thingy...hence the relevence. i need a, i dont!..yes i do, no i dont, yes i do, no i dont....
  15. s[​IMG] sorry you were so affended by the pronged one E X, was it becouse uuuuuuuuummmmmm????? she had clothing on ! maybe hugh????? Any way nammron got it !!!! & i thought it was pretty funny !!! & i like playing in crack smilys they have some awsome pics well heres some now!!




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