the parentals found my pipe

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ShMoKeY, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. one day i was at my house and i had some bud and my parents were there so i left up to a .local park i smoke a couple bowls i cam back stoned as fuck and while i was walking past my parents the pipe fell out of my pocket and they saw it and they immediately took it i told um it was used for smoking tobacco and there like ya ok,and my dad took it and took a hammer and smashed it(it was a wooden homemade)but it was tight but thats sad that was my frist ever pipe to.but now i have sumthing better:)
  2. longest. sentence. ever.

  3. your point being? i didnt even notice lol

    nooo smahing pipes never good :(
  4. I usually never take pipes out of the house. J's and blunts for on-the-go smoking. If someone else wants me to bring a pipe, I always refuse. Things happen to your pipes when you take them out and bring them's like they get cursed or something...

    I dunno...but doesn't it seem like that?

    Anyways, if you take no pipe with you, and smoke a blunt or j...

    There's no pipe to drop on the way back in...and nothing to get caught with if you get stopped.
  5. that sucks man.... my parents found my bowl and dugout (filled) a while back... they gave them back, but the next day the dugout was gone, i think they wanted my weed

  6. I'll never take a pipe anywhere because it's too risky to get caught by the cops here..
  7. the angry jewler! oh man that sucks that he took a hammer to your pipe ..rofl i remember my friends dad had taken out 2 of his spoons in the garage and smashes em with a hammer lol. we nicknamed him the angry jewler ..i dont know why
  8. hth does a pipe fall out of your pocket while you're walking...?
  9. dunno, never had that happen.
  10. maybe it was a coat pocket or something wow that sucks sorry man. Im not positive put i dont think a cop can do anything unless ur under 18 and there is weed in it.

  11. If there is resin in it then they can and will do something :( Regardless of what is in it though, if you get caught by a cop with any type of pipe on you they will take it and ticket you (at least around here). If you really were using it for tobacco you can just fight it and win, would be a pain in the ass though.
  12. The Cops took my proto with almost a 1/4 sack. NOw I never take my full stash on the road.
  13. that sucks dude. i usually keep mine in a little pouch in case a little mishap like that happenes. i, too, lost my first pipe. what a beauty - smoked out of it ONCE and it got taken away. my parents made me throw it away in front of them and i serisouly considered going thru the trash at night and getting it back, but decided against it. by the time they caught my second one, i just asked for it back and got it back :). hopefully over time they will ease up.

    keep tokin :smoke:

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