The Parallax II: Future Sequence

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    Okay so I'm not sure if many people here like Between the Buried and Me, but the ones who do should know that their new album drops on October 9th. It's been pretty hard waiting on my preorder. However, today it leaked onto TPB and let me tell you, it's absolutely incredible. Each song flows seamlessly into the next, forming one 72 and a half minute piece. If I had to compare this to any of their previous work, I would say it's most similar to Colors in the sense of the sheer busyness of each song. Parallax II has a heaviness that I would describe as a mix between that of Alaska and The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. On the new record, their style seems much more refined, as there are not many points where songs stray into completely new territories (Nothing nearly as dramatic as the stylistic changes Ants of the Sky from 2007). However, bold experimentation is anything but absent. And somehow, time after time, BTBAM has made it work. :metal:
    If you're a fan or just someone who enjoys metal, I can't recommend this album (or any of their previous ones) enough. I can tell I'm going to be listening to this quite a bit over the next few months :D

    Here's the single that was released a few weeks ago
  2. Hell yeah dude that's awesome. I got the leak a few days ago and i've just listened to it all the way through repeatedly and absolutely nothing else haha. There was definitely some alaska and colors in this album, but it definitely had a new sound to it like every album is going to. I saw them live like 2 months ago i think? White Walls, Specular Reflection, Telos, Sun of Nothing, and Feed from Cloud Mountain were played. It was such a great show. I was pretty into these guys before I saw them, but that show just won me over and I've been looking forward to this album ever since. Totally worth the wait.
  3. I was also really surprised at how heavy this album got. I mean, it's btbam so it's expected but normally as bands progress they soften their sound a little. This album does have a lot more soft moments (not a bad thing at all), but some of those riffs were just insanely heavy played with beautiful tone. And Tommy's screams are just pure evil on this album. This album was put together so well. I heard on their next tour they're going to play this in it's entirety which is a must see.
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    Currently downloading. BTBAM is my all-time favorite band. I loved Colors the most, but I've loved everything they've put out.
    I love when they cut out of the heavy stuff to go into a jazzy part, or some unique other genre blending part.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't smoking marijuana the first time I saw them. Hoping to see them live again soon!

    EDIT: Listened to it in full for the second time last night... and holy s*** this stuff is brilliant as usual.
    Silent Flight Parliament is the new White Walls. Aka EPIC 15 minute song.
  5. Yeah that song is a monster of a masterpiece. And then that reprise brings it all together so nicely at the end. Definitely the White Walls and Swim to the Moon equivalent.
  6. I'm pretty close to calling it Album of the Year for me. The album that holds Album of the Year IMO is Spawn of Possession : Incurso

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