The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

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  1. ..Now I expect absolutely noone to respond to this thread that says I've heard of them.

    This band is a local ( semi well known band ). Originates obviously from the Ozarks here in Missouri. Its extremely chill music, kinda country / blue grassy.

    My Dad LOVES this band so of course I grew up listening to them. Some of the most amazing music and lyrics I've ever heard. I expect none of you to listen to them and say "Hey!, Good Band!) only because its such a different type of music from what you usually hear these days.

    But Im guessing theres maybe a few of you who are fans of this band.

    If I had to reccomend any songs from this band its:

    It probably Always will.
    Road to Glory
    Country Girl
    Spaceship Orion

    This is some of the most chill music to listen to when high. Because its just about making good sounding music.
  2. wow saw them back in the day but they were country-rock they had a hit with 'If you wanna get to heaven you got to raise a little hell'. I guess it was late 70s. I suspect it is some of the same guys who have mellowed into some bluegrass, that would not surprise me. They were a pretty good band several good tunes, a fun live show.

    They had country/'grass influence back then - has to be some of the same guys

    You need to check out their stuff from the 70s

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