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The "Out of Bud" or "I got caught" thread.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Super bummer guys...
    I got caught about 6 weeks ago by my folks. Shit, it really sucked. But, hey...I've been 6 weeks clean, got it allll out of my system, and want to start up again. Do you think thats been a long enough break for me to get blown off a bowl, or two?
    Oh, and feel free to talk about how you're dry, or got caught stories...they're kinda funny! Keeps your mind off it. Well everyone, stay positive, and keep those good vibrations comin'. :D
  2. ive always had a below average tollerance...and i smoked most days for most of a year stopped for a week and half smoked a fatty with some mates i was in complete bliss... that is all
  3. 6 weeks should be more then enough time to get blazed off a bowl. Enjoy :smoke:
  4. You will probably get baked off a bong bowl. Enjoy man. :smoke:
  5. I got caught, Then I learned my dads opinion on it, he hasn't given me a hard time since...
  6. I never really got caught but it was awkward trying to explain the smell of dank to my mom.

    I just smoked the last of my rhino haze so I'm down to my last bowl. :(
  7. oh yea. i quit for 8 days smoked a bowl with one of my friends.... i was gone
  8. I got caught last Sunday. It kind of sucked because I didn't directly get caught... it was all stuff that could have been avoided. They started to get suspicious when my friends and I were always just chilling in my room but I told them that we were just playing video games and they bought it. Then this Sunday they confronted me about some candles and air freshener they found in my room (don't know why they were snooping, probably suspicious). They then were convinced so I couldn't do anything but confess. I don't think they're too mad because they've done it before but they are convinced that I will move up to harder drugs because I told them that i started when i was 17 and they think that's way too young.
    It's whatever though because now i am just extra careful and i'm already smoking tomorrow morning with a couple of friends. Gonna be fun!
  9. never really got "caught" my mom just started smelling it on me haha and eventually said something and i said my 2 cents and we went on with out lives. BUT... i thought i was out 2 nights ago. i usually put my stash away after i pack then smoke so i must've got too high and forgot i had enough for another bowl in my grinder. b/c i was about to go over to a buddies to smoke/pickup in a few and was getting shit ready and looked in my grinder and saw there was some buds hanging around:hello: now i'm enjoying that before i leave :smoke:
  10. Im never out of bud :cool: :D
  11. Dad asked me if I smoked like over a year ago, so I said yeah. Best decision ever. He offered me the shed to smoke in, rather than having to drive around and smoke and have the possibility of police intervention. So, I guess I didn't get caught, I just don't have to hide it anymore :p

    And I re-up and plan before I run out, so very rarely am I out of bud.
  12. lol both of these treads already exist

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