The Osbournes?

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  1. Hey, I posted this here because it's somewhat music-related. I don't watch MTV much but I heard about the Osbournes & had to watch it.
    It's freaking hilarious, I am addicted to that show! Who ever knew the self-proclaimed "Prince of Darkness" hated all those bats, and is such a goofy sweet man?

    I could go on for hours on this show, but am curious to hear what other people think??

    It has me laughing each and every time.
  2. Could not agree more Ganj, they are all so fuckin' funny except for the brother he's kind of a dufus ;)
  3. Show is too funny. I love all the bleep censors in it. I think somehow if the show were on HBO and they had the curses in wouldnt be as funny.
  4. Did you see Ozzy and Sharon jumping on their kids telling them not to smoke pot or drink while they live in their house? Doesn't matter what you do in life, parenting is all the same.
  5. I think it's hilarious how Sharon has to badger Ozzy into having bats and all the limos and etc. when they're doing things, and how he can't even function a remote control.
    It's a pretty funny show
  6. I saw a neighbor of Ozzy and family on the news. He said they had dinner together and they were the perfect British family. Had tea at teatime and all.

    He said the way they are on the mtv show is all an act.

    I suspect they're really somewhere in the middle.

    I love how they try to act as if they're all legal and shit. Sharon talked once about changing the water saver nozzle on the shower head after the inspector left. Ozzy said (rather sarcastically) "We don't want to do anything illegal, dear".

    What a deal, though. Can you imagine mtv wanting to come in and film a day in your life? I'm sure there's some major bucks involved. $$$$$$$$$$

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