The Original Dab Tray

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    Hey guys. First time poster, long time toker. I've recently been reading up on dabbing and am interested in trying it out and getting my own rig. While doing some research I came across the Original Dab Tray which sparked my interested.

    Seems like it may be a good and frugal way of getting into dabbing. Any one have any thoughts, opinions, experience on or with the original dab tray?

    P.S. I've already emailed Perk Tech (they seem to be the original creators of the product) inquiring about the grade quality of the titanium and they've guaranteed me the titanium in medical grade 2.
  2. Dome and nail would be better.

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  3. I know it would be better, but for someone who's never dabbed and gotten a free gram of hash oil, would this be a good starting place before going out and buying a more expensive setup?

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  4. I've never dabbed
  5. Thanks for letting us know lol

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  6. It would work but not very efficiently

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  7. i saww something similar called the Ti worm a few months back (not sure which one is older) but i was pretty interested. i wanted to see it in person, no luck at any local shops so i just ended up buying nail, dome, rig.

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