The Open Door

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  1. This story starts when I was 10 years old and living in central Florida. My family lived in a neighborhood that was a big loop and at the very back of the loop there was this big field where people would play frisbee with their dogs and stuff. Well at the back of that field there was a barb wired fence where a friend of mine named "Alex"'s land started. Well one day me, my brother and another neighborhood kid went over to borrow a videogame from him, but he wasn't home. So being the resourcesful kids that we were we decided to borrow the game anyway. Now before i proceed with the story i need to mention that there was something odd about Alex's house. It wasn't the incense or other various hippie style artifacts his parents seemed to collect but Anytime before we were about to go inside his house he would run upstairs and do something that we could never figure out. Well we used an old license plate that was lying in front of his house to get inside and when we wen't upstairs to look for our game we saw a door open that had always been locked everytime we had been up there and it wasn't a storage closet as i had naively believed before. There was a rotating fan blowing on a room full of plants that were underneath bright lights. It was at this time that we heard a footstep from across the hall in his parents room. His dad, as well as being a heavy sleeper who seemed to have slept through us banging on the front door, was also a bit scary and owned a shotgun so we hightailed it out of the house. We knew it was weed from pictures we had seen from dare and from that day forward would drop hints around Alex suggesting we knew what was up without giving away too much. That was where my intrest in trying out herb started. I always did love the smell of that house.
  2. hah, cool story man.
  3. did you ever tell alex directly?
    and are you still friends with him?

    his reaction to reading that story would be pretty funny.
  4. nah we moved a few months after that and I never told him.. i've tried to find his phone number on but it seems they moved away.... his name was actually forest not alex... don't know why i thought i needed to change it.
  5. That's pretty interesting. Parents having their 10 year old son hide their pot plants for them when his friends were over.
  6. Hippie parents with a son named forest gee most have been a big surprise they grew weed.
  7. You should have said, "Hey let me take a hit of those plants, Forest".
  8. ive been in alex's position before. its annoying and cool at the same time.

    good story though.

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