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The only OBE i've ever had from mary jane.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Ahh yes, the good old Outer Body Experience, i've been through those with the unmentionables, but the first time I ever experienced it was from weed (well, kief really). Happened back in 2011 in college, when I was still somewhat of a noob, I had just picked up a gram from my former dealer and was headed to some dudes house off campus that I knew had a bong. Got there, and I kinda got pissed cause all them were there (I was only cool with 2 of them, 5 guys in total) because that meant that I wasn't going to get as many tokes as I wanted to. So I got the grinder from one of them, and this is where things pick up.

    Back then I didn't know anything about grinders or kief storage, or kief in general (lol I just smoked) So, my ass basically mixed up my bud with their kief (which was basically a grams worth as well, and looking back, that was an asshole move that all experienced stoners know not to do) and packed the bowl. I think I got 5-6 hits, basically a bowls worth, and after that I became very paranoid cause I didn't like the other roommates and I decided to leave. I'm pretty sure that walking was very hard at this point and my dorm was a good 10min walk from their house, but I was to paranoid to ask for a ride (glad I didn't).

    As I was walking I came to the university circle, the middle of the campus. And as I was walking (by this time it felt like my legs weren't my own) I started getting that glitchy vision, and frame skips. I wasn't too alarmed cause i've experienced that a couple of times. I was halfway in the circle when it happened. All of a sudden everything was in fast forward, I fucking kid you not, like your fast forwarding a VHS tape. Then shit hit the fan!

    I then saw myself walking from another perspective. And I had the creppiest grin on my face. Like, it was physically impossible to make this face (if you've every had a psychedelic drug before you know what I mean. And my head was tilting upward very slowly yet fast at the same time. Then all of a sudden everything faded into black and there was only me, with that silly grin. I then saw myself from another view, but it was somewhere up in the sky, walking. As I saw myself from this view, the view quickly zoomed in on my face. Then I was back in the sky at a different angle again. This happened 5 times. Then I was back in glitch mode reality, and my vision stayed that way for another 15 mins.

    I believe it was an OBE because when I saw myself, that is all I knew. I wasn't aware of any sensation of the outside world (breathing, thinking, etc). Also, while I was in this state, I noticed that I saw a building that i'm familiar with just before everything went black. But I also don't know if this classifies as an OBE cause when someone is in OBE mode, they're laying down or pretty much motionless. But when I came back to reality, I noticed my legs were still moving (and apparently, I didn't gain much distance at all, so this whole thing lasted maybe 3 seconds).

    Yep, that was my OBE, some people would panic after that but I thought it was the coolest thing. That experience was the sole reason why I've done other psychedelics, and eventually I will do the big one (Dimitri *wink*).
  2. Hell yeah. Crazy shit. Did it come on with like a feeling of being pulled from your body? I have that shit when on natural woods unmentionables and really high. Always get to nervous to let go and go with it lol.
  3. Nope, felt no pull at all. It happened immediately after the glitchy vision came on. I was just thrown into it.
  4. The only time I had on OBE was in the shower and I don't even really remember it haha. All I can remember is that I was just like above my self making myself take a shower like my body was just a puppet and I was the puppet master idk it was weird.
  5. [quote name='"Blunt Visions"']
    Nope, felt no pull at all. It happened immediately after the glitchy vision came on. I was just thrown into it.[/quote]

    Huh, you know what I'm talkin bout though? Feels like your literally being pulled from your body? Lol
  6. Shameless bump. Only cause I wanna know if anyone else has ever experienced this on weed.
  7. I've never experienced it on weed, but I've had the same experience you did (Well, not really the same, but basically the same) from a guided OBE meditation. So I'm pretty sure you had an out of body experience. There's only one way to test if it was the weed or not. Try again XD
  8. The first time I ever got high this happened to me. Started walking back to a friends house after 3 fat joints of some alright mids. Once we were about 1/4 the way back I floated out of my body and looked down to me and my friends walking from what seemed like 30 feet up in the air.

    Eventually I came back down and I was seeing scenes in frames. Almost felt like I fell asleep walking then woke up about 20 feet from where I "fell asleep. Continued to see these red, green, orange, and purple lines that looked electrified. Infact it looked exactly like the lines you see from this video. You'll know what I'm talking about once you watch it. Also, when I looked at the ceiling, my vision zoomed in for like 45 minutes. Best high of my LIFE.

    [ame=]natural hallucinogen with circles - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Watching that vid made me want to go get some unmentionables.

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