The Omen Beetle

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  1. Recounting a story of one of the nights over the weekend.
    Which night it was I am not at liberty to say..more or less because I destroyed my memory pertaining to the past few days..

    It was around midnight..
    Me and a bud were looking for somewhere to smoke our bud while walking around, not only reefer but also I had a small dime bag of Salvia extract still kickin' around in my pocket.
    So I had a great idea to go to a high school back side parking lot to smoke.
    Conveniently the location was beside the horticultural classroom and there were rows of plants facing us through a greenhouse.
    We were covered well from any element of surprise as there were two ways to run, darkness to hide in, and the fence separating the high school from the residential area was covered with thick vines.
    It was perfect.
    The location got even better when we discovered that behind the greenhouse lay a small grass alley with a large flood light supporting it and a single bench on the grass.
    It was almost too perfect.

    We trudged over the grass, which had an odd feeling to it I believe it was grass patches instead of naturally grown, into this single alley.
    Just as we were sitting down..
    Just as I was whipping out Puff The Magic Glass Dragon..
    Just as my friend was opening the Altoids tin...
    We spotted it.

    The Omen Beetle.
    A single beetle crawled onto a rock which was mere feet from the bench.
    But this was not just any beetle.
    This was a gigantic fucking beetle.
    Bigger than a cockroach, heat bug, or any of that other nasty shit.
    It was massive.
    Two large horns protruded from its head, both had a wickedly sinister curve to them.
    I would say the beetle was almost as long as my full hand, if not just a bit shorter.
    It's back contained two large black blades crossed over each other, I assumed these were wings.

    It was too freaky.
    We decided to move.
    We packed up our supplies and I figured we should just find a better location on the school's grounds to go.
    We make our way to the next section of the parking lot.
    And of course, who do we see?
    You all know the answer.
    The popo of course.
    Two police cars parked in the parking lot, an empty parking lot except for a single black Sunfire.
    We turned back and headed the other way, to safety.

    It got me thinking though.
    If we had not seen that beetle, we would have been smoking pot and salvia, oblivious to the bacon-boys who were parked around the other side of the building.
    The beetle was a warning.
    It was, an omen beetle.

    Props to the omen beetle!
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  2. Very interesting, so you would've been caught for sure if the beetle wasn't so scary?
    Just another reason not to use too many pesticides!
    Viva, OB!
  3. *Major props*
  4. plus rep for the awesome thread OP

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  5. ^hahahahahahahahahaha
  6. Did it look like this?

  7. Fairly similar.

  8. AH!!!
  9. man this beetle sounds nuts! google it or go on a beetle site and find out what kind it was haha
  10. hell yea i want to see what this bastard looked like.
  11. There's so many different types of beetles.
    It'd be near impossible to find exact one.
    I just know that it was a light gray color.
    And had two horns.
    I'm guessing that doesn't really narrow down the list too much.

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