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  1. So I cannot be the only ZNation fan here. I see this show from Asylum (the fine people behind such epic flicks as Sharknado and Piranhaconda) as a bit of zombie fun sitting in between Walking Dead and Army of Darkness. It has plenty of action, quirky characters that grow on you (and who doesn't love the Docs solution to a zombie crisis?


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  2. I do like this show, I get a few laughs outta watching it.
  3. @Blaze: this is a show to love when you love shit not to be taken seriously. This is not supposed to be total action, total story, total anything other than just fun. First, its from The Asylum, makers of some of the cheesiest movies in scifi today. What makes them better than Ed Wood though is that they know they are goof-balls and they roll with it. I have a book I got as part of a gift that is a guide called "How to Survive Sharknados and Other Unnatural Disasters" which is in fact a plot-encyclopedia for every weird idea that Asylum has ever had. Some made it to the screen (Ghost Shark) and some thankfully have not (Dinonami, think Jurassic Park island with hurricanes).
    In short, this show is good for a long pull on the pipe and a laugh.
  4. After the first episode I definitely said to myself that I shouldn't take the show that seriously & I've been enjoying it that way.
  5. i think z nation is awesome
    It obviously not a serious drama like The Walking Dead but it definitely a show i tune into every friday
  6. guess theres not many of us, hopefully they atleast finish up their mission before it gets canceled. 
    gotta say the shit with Murphy is definitely the most interesting part of the show. cant wait to see how it all turns out. 
    didnt realize its from teh same people that made sharknado, never watched it looked too stupid for me. 
  7. Z-Nation is a kick-ass favorite character is doc ...the hippy lookin dude....I watch Z-Nation every time its on
  8. I loved the dream episode, shit was so funny
  9. Who's still aboard the z train? Still a great show. This season hasn't been my favorite but I'm still curious to see where they are going.
  10. This season really has packed any decent direction. The past few weeks have been better, but it still feels like they're dragging out a couple episode arc over a whole season of filler. It's pretty disheartening

    Hoping the finale is excellent. I'm worried about the possibility of a season 5 even if the season ends strongly.
  11. What a disappointing ending. At least z Nation is renewed for season 5. Hoping for a bit more of what made this show so fun the first 2 seasons
  12. I loved znation!
    My old place I was recording it on my DVR, I moved and dont have it anymore.

    The last I remember was the blue guys daughter growing up fast.

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