"The Official Waffle Thread*

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. i found a small nug of dank weed and was inspired to make this, before i go make sum waffles..ill tell ya blades. nuthin beats waffles at 3 21 am:D

    so, this is a place to discuss all that is waffles, ur waffle storys, waffle recipes,waffle appreciation,waffle television,waffle movies,waffles.

    first off, i love waffles.

    second, make a fruit salad, make 2 belgium home made waffles, get syrup of ur choice....

    then syrup up ur waffles to ur liking, dump on the fruitsalad, enough that seems right, waffle the other waffle on top. enjoy

    so basic, and yet so amazinly good, or i just have strange taste..:cool:


    waffles be good eatin,

    much love blades and bladies,
  2. Edit: I lost the recipe ..
  3. Waffles are fucking awesome, man.
  4. I want waffles now....And weed
  5. to bad ur not in CT

    id smoke u out while im makin waffles :hello:

    its pretty lonely at 10 of 4, i need a smoking and waffle buddy
  6. waffles are trash.

    toaster strudels > waffles

  7. do you have your own recipe for waffle batter?
  8. Im coming!
  9. waffles and fried chicken!
    waffles and peanut butter!
    woo waffles!
  10. :laughing:
  11. On his waffle?
  12. Oh his MOM'S waffle. Heh.

    But on a side note... I've been burnt out on waffles. At least your typical freezer-Ego waffles...

    Now those big somsabitches, the fluffy Belgian Waffles... That's a different Story.
  13. You haven't tried my dad's sourdough waffles, have you? Most incredible things ever. You'll have to come eat some. :devious:
  14. i thoguht this was the official welfare thread :mad:, fucking 60 hour work weeks and5 hours of sleep
  15. Here, you seem sad, have a waffle.

  16. that is almost the best looking waffle i have seen:hello:
  17. [​IMG]


    and this. is my kinda waffle:D

    that one is my most favorite:smoke:
  18. Om nom nom.



  19. ^^^ Holy crap that looks good.
  20. Yeah...I just came in here to tell burnttwaffle that I thought about him when I burnt my blueberry waffle the other morning but now I want a waffle...a REAL waffle like the ones in the pics. Those look too good!!! mmmm :D

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