*The Official Tolerance Break Thread*

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, May 2, 2006.

  1. Well, I see so many people on here who always post about a tolerance break. Some of 'em make it, some don't.

    I think we all need to have a place to post and talk to keep our minds off of weed. Or, just announce you're having a tolerance break.

    I'm on day 3, about to hit day 4. Not bad at all. First night was a little hard to sleep. Other than that...no real cravings to speak of. I mean...hell, I would love to smoke a bowl of keif right now, but all in due time. :)

    When, that day comes...it shall be GLORIOUS! :hello:

    Who else is out there, that wants to share?

    EDIT: A few people have been complaining this is a waste of space. If a mod or admin feels the same, then by all means close this. :)

    But, like stated above. This thread is supposed to be a chill section. Where people can come and talk, have a good time, and discuss. But, in my opinion, the 30 threads already about tolerance breaks have been a waste of space. So, why not just group them all together?
  2. End Of Thread
  3. It had its moments...
  4. in before the close.
  5. Ah, I guess I'm not that high up in the popularity rankings yet.
  6. Fuck tolerance breaks. I can't quit. Here is my thread on my own tolerance break:http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=91412

    Haha, I bought a half ounce of nug that night (I am pretty sure). I guess I have a problem on my hands. Happy tokin' yall I am blown as fuck.

    keep tokin'
  7. I figure, why quit? If im gonna be bored, I might as well be stoned. I get more done, I don't get pissed. and by the end of the day, im in a pretty good mood.

    weed helps my life for the better *toke*
  8. Yea, but weed was just getting a little boring for me at the time. Just a dull/sleepy high. I would smoke some dank, dank stuff, too. Just needed to cut back a little.

    By Saturday or Sunday I should have a fat sack and ready to blaze. :) My tolerance goes down incredibly fast. Well, now that I think about it...maybe I was just used to being high all the time. I would smoke about 4 times a day for 3 months. Just the same feeling over and over again.

    But, I just wanted to make this thread for the people who are going for a month or so. That way it'll give 'em something to do.
  9. Good Point, I have a nice system though. My smoke sessions (just i guess by luck) always fall between enough hours to build up a high. I have no idea why my tolerance doesnt change but hey, maybe its the V8

  10. I keep saying Im going to quit but I dont want to.

    As soon as I finish this little bit of chronic i have left i have to take a break.

    im really stoned off of the chronic though im so used to regs lol
  11. Dairy - Hell yea, if your tolerance never changes, GO FOR IT! I wish mine was like that. Mine builds up fast, but also goes down fast. I guess I just can't be an everyday user. Oh well...once a week sounds fine for me anyway. :)

    Jiox - I know the feeling. I actually wanted to take a break a few weeks ago. But, my buddy came over with some incredibly good shit, that I just couldn't resist. But, since everyone seems to be mostly dry right now, I'd figure I'd give it a week off.

    Day 4. :)
  12. yeah, and when you succeed. your reward is a fatty or a nice bowl. talk about reward system eh!?
  13. Oh, hell yea. Just got a new iVape the other week. I plan on just vaping this stockpile of dank keif I've been saving.

    My mouth's watering now thinking about it, lol.
  14. haha, this is the worst place to be on a tolerance break. i usually refuse to come here unless im high, (esp if im out). its torture to see 100 posts saying "yep, im lit" or :smoking:
  15. Nah, things like that don't influence me. I can control myself. Its actually nice to come here, and see everyone else's nice dank. :)
  16. I'll puff puff pass to that!
  17. For myself, I find it very hard to be psychologically addicted to anything. I would do lots of painkillers, drink, shrooms, weed. Then, be able to drop it as if it were nothing (I'm sure many of you can, too).

    But, having never done any of the "harder" drugs, I wouldn't really know what addiction is like.
  18. haha yeah same here. its great that i don't feel any addiction to weed, but mentally is a different story.

    "uh oh, im coming down, get mo' dro!"
  19. Thats why before my smoking binge, I would only smoke at night. That way when I'm coming down, I would just go to sleep instead of loading another bowl. Always worked for me.
    Its just like people enjoying a few beers/shots/wine...I like to kick back and enjoy my bowls after a long day.

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