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  1. damn 3 new ones? post em when ya can

    been thinking about getting a new one. gonna be moving outta East Lansing over the weekend though it'll have to wait i think. i've gotten my last 2 from a guy up here, and I wanna get at least my next one from him. thinking of the MSU Spartan statue, maybe he'll be able to make a sweet design but still stay pretty true to the real thing.
  2. Sleeve progress...

  3. like that style man^^
    my piece....almost done!
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    First Tattoo. Just got done yesterday.
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    Ive got 16 atm soon to have more already payed the next one off an ill post after work

    Resampled_2013-05-21_16-33-20_110.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-33-28_201.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-33-35_930.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-33-45_597.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-33-52_93.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-34-18_269.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-34-54_160.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-35-01_444.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-35-08_996.jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-34-23_713.jpg

    ill explain them tonight when im not holding my daughter!
  6. three moreee
    Resampled_2013-05-21_16-36-17_360 (1).jpg Resampled_2013-05-21_16-36-03_876.jpg 2013-05-21_16-35-22_602 (1).jpg
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  7. I have two tattoos a celtic knot on my back representing my family and my most recent one a tiger on my arm which was done with UV ink.

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  8. I got 2 new tattoo's this last couple of weeks. I got a mermaid and a compass.
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  9. I got a new tattoo last week at Pismo Beach! 
    Gunna take a proper photo of this when it's all healed up. ^
    Little triangle done July last year.
  10. ^
    I can't help but feel like I've seen that 2nd pic over and over round the net.
  11. This looks INSANE!!!!!!! Greatness.
    Also another insane looking piece of greatness!!!
    Sexy man he was!!!!
    I love that Devotion & Desire tatt, always considered getting a Bayside tatt myself, looks great!!!
    Looks LOVELY!!! Felt something great once I passed by this one :smoke:
    This is something I've always wanted, a flying peacock and on this exact location, the right shoulder.
    Yours looks beautiful!!!!!!! Love the flowers and all the details. :love:
    ^^^ Yours is bad ass!!!!!!!!!! Those lyrics, great tattoo you have there!
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    Hey peeps, I am new to the tattoo thing and I want to get sleevs on both arms and my whole chest/stomach/back (Kinda like Wiz Khalifa). Can give me an estimate? Also, I plan to get 1 glow in the dark tat on each of my arm. Thanks!
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    Alot...alot...ALOT of money. My half sleeve so far has cost me about $1500 and that's just the lower half of my left arm. What kind of tattoos you want will also determine the cost. Big custom pieces like mine are gonna run you more than your typical flash/lettering tattoos.
  14. Well damn, I figured it would be alot. I'll just be better off letting a rat in NYC do it for the cheap. Thanks!
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    I will say this homie, Take the time to find a good artist and/or save enough money for one. You don't wanna end up with some dipshit scratcher butchering your sacred temple. Quality ink doesn't come cheap but the end result is worth it. Your gonna have a piece of artwork on you for the rest of your life, don't half ass it. Seen waaay too many fucked up spur of the moment tats. I'm guilty of one myself :\\
  16. I know, I seen Nightmare Tattoos or whatever that show is called. I just hope there are some good artist in Memphis.
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    The chinese character was done by Brian Eberle at Fallen Star Tattoo in Batavia, IL. The larger koi tat was done by a guy named Frank at Family Tattoo in Chicago. I believe Frank has since moved to FL.​
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  18. It might be floating around out there? I have posted it on a few sites.
    Here's a better photo of my new tattoo.
    sugar crow by Britt â–½, on Flickr
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    got a new tattoo today. one every couple of years sounds about right for me.
    i'll upload a pic tomorrow but this is what the artist was going for:
    the tattoo itself missed the essence of that drawing though. it came out kinda cartoon-y. but as i said, the artist is a friend of mine and just got licensed so its w/e. also the shading wasn't done. got it done after dosing some WOW and just couldn't handle too much more.
    shading is gonna be done this weekend, and color added to the eye (red) and mouth (orange, red, yellow).
  20. Finished, I'll post better pics later.

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