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    Post your tattoo pictures in here

    Credit the artist PLEASE


    Moderators can you sticky please :hello:
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  3. my feet... done by Mike Barker at Admiral Tattoo is West Seattle. they're a full custom shop, so everything you get done there is drawn by him and fully custom... so no stealing ;) I wish I had a digital camera, I'll post the best pictures I have thanks to my Macbook Pro.

    left foot.. [​IMG]

    and both:
    (I wish I had a clear picture of my right foot, but they're just different colors :smoking: )
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  4. thats some really nice feet :p

    how was it on your foot ? pain wise i got my stomach done first and everything else has been a breeze since lol
  5. it wasn't even bad. I've heard I have a high pain tolerance though, so... but it was totally worth it.
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    dont believe anyone who says getting their feet tattooed doesnt hurt.. seriously :eek:
    there is nothing nice about it
    your toes swell up like sausages, you walk around crippled for a couple weeks, and having to wear shoes.. it sucks
    you can expect the nerves in your foot to make you twitch and jerk, unlike with a lot of tattoos
    but seriously.. its no walk in the park
    obviously tattoos hurt.. youre getting needles stuck in your skin, especially if theyre on your foot, it practically hits the bone..
    unless you wanna act hardcore

    my geometric socks hurt a lottttt more than my neck piece

    Mark Thompson-Obscurities Dallas, TX
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  7. hahaha. everybody is different, dude. it honestly didn't hurt, I was just chillin the whole time. yes, there was times when he was going over a certain spot and it twitched and kicked up at him, but definitely wasn't extreme pain, or any horrible spots for me.
    I've heard it's the worst spot, too, but it just wasn't for me. everybody takes it differently.
  8. if your nerves are making you twitch and kick though, its because your body is in pain
    you might be telling yourself it doesnt hurt, but your body will tell you otherwise
    not extreme pain, but saying it doest hurt is kind of.. :laughing:

    i just hope some poor soul doesnt go out to get a foot tattoo, thinking it wont hurt
    *shrugs* anyway
  9. i have to say i believe hushlittlelady

    doing my armpit area didnt hurt fuck all, in fact i laughed when we started and the tattooist said "whats up" and i replied "if this is the worst spot this is gonna be a walk in the park"

    any of you guys got some feedback on mine, it was a very big mission to get what you see done, it couldnt be finished because customs deported my tattooist !!!!!!

    so im gonna get it finished soon but im open to ideas !!!

    stay black and grey or maybe sneak some color onto it
  10. oh and for a good and sore tat

    try on your stomach when your a skinny cunt like me (see photo's)
    having a bit of beef helps immensely with tattoo's
  11. [​IMG]

    This was inked in my dad's handwriting. He wrote it the day he died which is weird because he was 100 percent irish (date is saint patricks day) and he dated it which is weird also. I guess that means that my dad was the artist.
  12. I have three so far, can't wait to get more.. Nothing special really, just some that have meaning to me.

    #1 : My initals are JJ, represented here by the J2. This was my first one I got when I was 16, kind of regret it now but oh well, it still represents a part of my life. Might add on to it if I can think of some way to.

    #2 : Creation of Adam. Got this after my grandmother passed away. To me it has two meanings.. One, it symbolizes her passing on to be with God. The second, is that the two arms represent me and her and the fact that we are still extremely close, but not close enough to be able to touch. Probably my favorite tat that I have.

    #3 : A diamond. This one was pretty spur of the moment I got a month or two ago. I have always loved the image of a diamond, to me it represents success. At the same time, it gives me something to work towards every day. Also, it is my grandmothers birth stone.
  13. hey there, im new to the GC fourms but ive ordered pipes and stuff off here, and me being the kinda person i am, decided to check out the art fourm first and found this thread and wanted to share my pictures :) lol

    If you like my half sleeve visit the artist's website


    dont take it to serious please, i was high and it was free... and i saw an argument about tattoos on the top of the foot... mine hurt... a lot...

  14. 18th birthday present from self

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  15. bump
    I know more of you are tatted!

  16. AMAZING TATTOO!! so sick looking :eek::eek::eek:
  17. I can't post mine here :( The only picture I have of it is when I'm in underwear, and you can totally see my ass. And I'm on the computer in work which doesn't have paint or anything so I can't crop it. Stupid work.
  18. This is my left arm... I'll post my right later

    This is the day I got it done:D... 8 months ago

    P.S. I AM CANADIAN!!....... If you've seen the commercials, or you're Canadian, you'll get the reference:p

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    As promised here's my right arm... I'm not sure which arm I love more:rolleyes:

    P.S. it says "Respect" below it

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  20. The right arm :p :)

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