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  1. I cut my testicle shaving with an electric razor in high school. It bled a little.

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    Mine doesn't sound halfway as entertaining as all of yours but I'll try.

    So a few years ago when I had been with my ex we had been going at it hardcore. It was the summer before he left for college and due to the fact that I was a junior and didn't really enjoy the idea of a long distance relationship (nothing against them, at the time I had really bad trust issues) we were trying to get as much sex in before he had to leave. And I was totally amazing. Having flashbacks of those few weeks is enough to get me weak in the knees now....sorry I got sidetracked lol. So due to the fact that we both enjoyed it on the rougher side, he would pound it in all the way down to the base fast and hard. Which was again amazing to say the least.

    But at one point he slipped out accidentally. And it was so quick that I hardly even noticed it. But um...when he put it back in I did. He decided to not look down or to use his hand when he had to guide it back in and instead rammed right into my virgin anus with the power of a god.

    I almost bit my tongue off and rolled my eyes to the back of my head due to it hurting so bad. What makes it worse is that he's not small and quite large in fact (8.5). Then he just started jackhammering it until I screamed out our safeword. We needed one due to the fact that I love it rough and I tend to be a screamer in the midst of orgasmic pleasure. Believe me I would have said it sooner but the pain had been so bad that for quite a few seconds I had forgotten how to say coherent words, and my only vocabulary was screaming. And not only that but I had almost forgotten it in general due to the fact that I never used it until then.

    Needless to say that we stopped immediately and he had to run downstairs as quickly as he could to get me some ice. I even started crying when I saw blood.

    What makes it better is that due to his guilt I was able to get three days of almost nonstop oral and spoiling of the chocolates and massages variety. But yeah. After that it was right back to nonstop vaginal sex.

    (Side note: I never plan to do anal again unless its with my future husband.)

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  3. Not as entertaining?

    Um I beg to differ lol

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