****The OFFICIAL Milk Appreciation Thread****

Discussion in 'General' started by Journeyman, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Mmm delicious milk. Who else loves milk!? I love me some 2% milk, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, milk shakes, malts, and anything milk related! Who else appreciate this delicious cow juice?
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  2. cold glass of milk + oreos = heavin in snack form
  3. I'm lactose intolerant, and I drink milk.

    Because I love it.
  4. now that is commitment!
  5. Milk, is delicious.
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    Who doesn't love a cold glass of milk and some ultra-violence?
  7. Soy ftw. =]

    I can't stand vitamin d milk. like you can see a somewhat greasy film right on the surface of it. yuckk... >.< haha sorry :wave:
  8. Get Diamond D dairy milk. That is the best milk I ever tasted besides my aunt's farmer milk.
  9. milk FUCKING rocks, I love it...mmm

    this thread = win
  10. Milk is my favorite drink! People always think I'm crazy b/c I sit around and just drink a nice cold glass of milk with ice cubes. yummyyy.
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    zomg i thought i was the only one. heres what im about right now. family guy + oreos + milk = sex

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  12. Johny Rockets is the single greatest achievement of mankind to date. Its my ultimate fav resturant ever! They closed down here though :( The one on fisherman's wharf in SF sucked though!

    Oh also, milk is very good when mixed with REAL chocolate bits.
  13. I work at a Johny Rockets! If you ever happen to wander into the one I work at in Sac I will make you one yummy milkshake with REAL chocolate bits. :yummy:
  14. ^^I wish :)

    thought this was gonna be milkshots..

    sometimes I get this one chocolate milk from a local dairy that comes in a glass bottle, holy CRAP!
  15. Milk is awesome

    Purity milk is the best IMO, but they don't sell it in Texas :mad:

  16. Milk has always been my prefered drink
  17. I'm lactose intolerant. I used to drink milk all the time when I was a kid, but no more. My twin brother is a milk fiend though, he goes through a gallon a day.
  18. all about the skim baby. i drink a gallon in 2 days

  19. what theres so many out here...
    there all good. a BLT frys and s shake :)

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