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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ...Spliff!, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow Cannabis enthusiasts!

    As I am sure you already know, I want to start a small grow, however I know little to nothing about growing...

    I'll tell you what I am looking to do and you guys can help me...

    1) I want to produce between a quarter / half pound, how many plants would that require? How many oz's per plant?

    2) I want to grow in a closet, and I want this closet to house the plants from start to finish is this possible? The closet thing is more a matter of space than keeping it secret although I do have a room that I think could work I am not sure if there would be enough flowing oxygen.

    3) I don't want to spend too much, I realize this is an expensive hobby and I don't want to skimp on things but I can't be putting this above paying rent and whatnot...

    4) I kno, I know I should use bagseed to start but I don't want to grow a batch of shitty weed, I want kill bud now! So what is something that is very potent and easy to grow.

    Thanks in advance.

    I plan on being in this forum a lot more from now on...
  2. say white widow cause some of my mates over here in this shitty weather grew a nice batch alright and aparently they grow quite quickly and a novice grower myself but my 7 indoor babies are lookin good and i got 5 more outside somewhere ;)
    good luck man, keep fitin the good fight
  3. Okay, a few things you said are contradictory. If you want to spend as little $ as possible, then you want to use bag seeds. for something like white widow, you might be paying $40 for 10 seeds, compared to nothing for bag seeds. Chances are, you are going to screw up your first grow, and that would be $40 down the drain.

    Say you are lucky and get a good grow, you might get 2 oz a plant, you do the math (cause I'm too high to :smoking: )
    I doubt a closet will be enough room to grow a pound of weed. Also, smell is going to be an issue if you think its easy to keep it secret in a closet. As far as flowing oxygen, you can use a oscillating fan or two.
  4. Yeah, I realized the closet grow thing is not worth it, not enough room and I don't want to constrict my ability to grow more if I do so choose...

    So if I bought a bag of 10 feminized ______'s and used say 4 of them with a yield of 2 Oz's per plant, I would have me a half pound, correct?

    The only real concern is my "grow room" the room is almost perfect except for the fact there is no window, and inside this room there is an open storage space, by open I mean without a door. Would this cause problems with light getting in and out? What would you reccomend for this problem?

    Thanks again...
  5. Maybe put a door on the storage space or cover it with something and put you grow supplies in there (dirt,nutes,..ect) its good it doesnt have a window .no one can see in and no light leaks. Just use a vortex blower for an exhaust and have a passive intake from outside if you can or from another room. How big is your grow area?
  6. *dusts off this thread*

    Time to bump this baby back up, I am trying to figure out what kind of lighting to look into, I want something that would be suitable from beginning to end (this would most likely be a two to four plant operation).
  7. Best all around light is an hps. For 2-4 plants get a 150-250hps
  8. 4 plants i'd go with 250, you could even use 400 watt but 250 would be sufficient.
  9. I am most likely going to go with the 250, thanks guys.

    However I have a few more questions to ask of you.

    #1) I am having trouble figuring out where my growspace will be, I have a few possibilities but I fear they won't get enough Air Circulation. What are the chances I could use an unfinished bathroom, I am talking cement walls, cement flooring etc.

    #2) How big of a deal is Air Circulation?

    #3) What size pot should I buy, and would I be better off using one larger pot the entire time or re-potting?

    Thanks guys!
  10. First, read up on all the grow guides and stickies in this forum. Check links in my sig.

    I think 2 oz per plant is a bit aggressive for first grow expectations, I would think 1 oz to maybe 1.5 oz. I am assuming that, like most first-timers, you will not want to start of with training and topping, techniques designed to maximize per-plant yields.

    Feminized seeds eliminates the need to cut your plant-count in half once sexing starts, but you should plan on killing a couple of plants on your first grow. You also don't want too big of a grow to manage. I would recommend you germinate and plant 6 feminized seeds with the expectation of bringing 4 to harvest, that will yield right in your target range.

    Just in case you bring all 6 to harvest, and with an eye towards slightly larger grows in the future (because we always grow more the second time), I would recommend you get a 400w not 250. A 250w will adequately light a footprint of about 8-9 sq ft whereas a 400w will light a footprint of about 16 sq ft.

    Either get just the HPS and a conversion MH bulb for vegging or get the HPS and supplement with some cool light fluoros or CFLs during veg.

    Closets and bathrooms present difficulties for air circulation. Yes, it is very important. Air flow serves a role in achieving four important objectives:
    1) plants like to breathe fresh air just like we do (although they breathe CO2 and exhale O2
    2) air circulation keeps temps down, bringing in cooler air and exhausting hotter air
    3) air circulation controls odor, by venting it somewhere no one can smell it and/or passing it through a filter
    4) a light bit of air flow directly on the plant encourages strong stem growth, important for supporting the weight of the bud later.

    Northern Lights would be a good strain to start with -- potent indica, doesn't get too big, easy to grow.

    Start in small pots then transplant once to 3 gallon or larger. To save money, you can use the bottom half of a 2-litre soda bottle for a small pot and if you or someone you know has cats use a plastic kitty litter pail for a big pot. Be sure to make drain holes.
  11. Thanks alot toasty +rep for helping me out!

    As you mentioned closet/bathrrom grow would most likely not work so I am beginning to realize I may need to grow in my crawlspace. However would this be a problem with light leaks etc. would any changes be in order to turn my crawlspace into growspace? And what ways could I maximize air flow?

    As you stated I would like to maximize my yield but at this time, with my limited growing knowledge I am not sure it is the best thing to do, so shooting for between 1-2 ounces per plant sounds good.

    I also have begun to wonder what this whole set up will cost me and what the power consumption would be like?
  12. wats the crack how big is your grow room
    if you want that much bud for only a few plants
    get this stuff
    House & Garden Topshooter 500 ml my freind got a

    lot more bud when he used this stuff even on 1 plant

    find this stuff at
  13. I use balck and white poly for light leaks very reliable also go with 5 gallon buckets cause you will get more yield but the thing with that you will have to veg for 2 months instead of one also remember to trasnplant example here for 1 month veg two months flower start off in a 26 oz cup wait two weeks then then transplant in a 1 gallon pot then 2 more weeks then in a 3 gallon as for the 2 months veg two months flower I would go with 2 weeks dixie cups 6 weeks 2 gallon pots then flower with the 5 galloon hope you get my drift P.S you can get up to 5 Oz.s per palant with this method
  14. Thanks for the comments guys but could someone answer these questions?

    And should I buy soil with or without nutrients?
  15. check it man

    step 1.

    if your looking for big yeilds than you absolutely HAVE to go with HID lighting. you can get a 400 watt HPS light from for 100$ you cant go wrong with that.

    step 2.

    get some good potting soil (try to stay away from normal ass manure and soils with a bunch of added ferts) i would suggest scotts soil with added phosphorus. ive had great results with this stuff. than get some about 8 1 gallon pots and 4-6 3 gallon pots. you will need enough soil to fill eight gallons. you can get the soil for the 3 gallon pots later.

    step 3

    bagseed WILL grow fire! you just got to seperate the male plants from the female plants. the male plants will have pollen sacks instead of bud when you flower it (more on that later!). take 8 bagseeds and put them between 2 wet paper towels. this will germinate them than when i little white thing is poking out plant this in the soil with the white tip facing DOWN! and dont fuck with it too much cuz you could kill your seed. than just keep watered once a day till seed sprouts.

    step 5

    read this

    your whole opration should cost less than 200 bucks this way :D

    happy growin
  16. Thanks alot and I plan on following what you said, besides the bagseed. I want to buy seeds because I want this to be some bomb ass chronic and I won't use them all at once so they should last.

    I still don't know what to do for my growspace?

    I want to grow in my crawlspace but it is an open area and I am not sure how I would contain light etc. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.
  17. Describe this crawl space -- how much height, dirt floor or something else, is it musty, what kind of ventilation in place now, etc.
  18. shit if your growing in a small space I would just go with a 250 watt HPS and like two fans but if you plan on putting a 400 watt you will need some good ventilation intake and outake prefarably a vortex my advice is just to grow in your closet inside the largest bookcase you can find mines is 5 feet tall and two feet wide and I could only fit three 5 gallon pots in there I also painted it white and put black and white poly over it if you want to know more PM me I will help you with the setup :wave:
  19. Buy some peat moss because it is very airy also get some vermiculite. I compared my plant using vermiculite to a freinds who didnt we started at the same time mine looked a whole lot bigger than his even after 1 week. buy peat moss because it is easyer to change ph but i find composte works well just get that ph up down stuff you are looking for a ph of 6.5-7.5
    if you youse vermiculite with your composte or peat moss use half vermiculite and half growing medium
    good luck hope this helps

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