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  1. I had two bowls and like... sixteen fights on EA MMA. On Xbox Live. There were four or five amazing ones in there. Like... fight of the year candidate fights in a few of those cases..... I particularly liked Diaz-Hughes (exactly how I imagine it going), Jones-Rutten (Rutten's face looked meeeeessed up), Sanchez-Sakurai (what a war), Hardy-Aoki (maybe throw in the Knockout of the Year bonus as well hint hint), Stevenson-Aoki (fucking great ground war) and Diaz brother vs. Diaz brother (hell of a fight surprisingly). I lost in 4 of the mentioned fights, and won 2 of them.
  2. Hey man... you're the one missing out if you haven't played EA MMA.
  3. Haha it actually looks better than the other MMA game. I been playin fight night though.
  4. EA MMA is Fight Night with MMA. I swear. It is so freaking realistic. Blows my mind, man. I have fantastic videos of my fights on there, playing out like real UFC fights. Occasionally you'll get a guy who doesn't want to use exploits in the system to win and pad his precious yet realistically meaningless online record. Occasionally you'll get a guy who just wants to have fun and fucking throw down. Mano a mano or whatever. Yeah man, it gets good. I love that game to death. Best fucking birthday gift ever. Thanks, Britt.
  5. Ya EA fighting games look super realistic... saw a couple vids on it.
  6. Man it's so fun. I just love it. Playing online is awesome. I don't care whether I win or lose. I just wanna have fun. I try to make every fight memorable so when that person thinks back on his fights that day afterwards, he can be like "Man that fight with hammeredkomodo was fucking great." I'd love to fight with anyone on here. Xbox Live. Gimme yo gamertags, bitches.

  7. Ya man I do the same when I play sports games online. With my close games, if I lose on a buzzer beater or something I always message them back like "Damn dude haha that was intense" or some shit. Always end up getting some chill ass competitive people to play with. It's amazing what you can accomplish online when after you lose you don't send "fuck you cunt bitch lucky ass mofo" haha.
  8. Haha very true.

    I always message them and say "great fight" and accept their friend request if they send one. I figure one day I'll go through there randomly playing those guys in a player match sometime, just get stoned and have some amazing fights.

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