the OFFICIAL drinking thread

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  1. i really feel like there arent enough threads about drinking. my favorites are jagermeister (fuckin jagerbombs), hypnotic, and good old captian morgan. my favorite beers are yingling, landshark, and bud lite lime.
  2. Lately I've taking a liking to Jack and Cokes, any beer is good except for light ones they taste like water to me.
  3. Oh and Jack and dr pepper is very good also.
  4. i'm not really into beer, although i'll drink pretty much anything that's in a shot glass :) i also like ceasers and strawberry daquery etc..for a while i was actually drinking homemade alcohol lol, i made it myself, but i stopped making it 'cause it tastes like shit, and i can actually get good alcohol for cheap now :)
  5. Stoli, 151 and Smirnoff Ice 32oz for me.

    It's either gonna end up being good quality vodka or something I can smash in 30 seconds. I drink to get drunk!
  6. alcohol- jaeger, J.D.hpnotiq,and that hennessy
    Beer-Yuengling, Newcastle, Spaten.
  7. Alcohol is my magic anti-anxiety drink..

    Jack Daniels is good, Redrum, Black Velvet, Grey Goose, 99 Apples.. It's all the bomb
  8. ive always loved my beer but once i made my own batch i fell in love with microbreweries-most states have microbrews-check em out their not like the mass produced beer at the distributers-once u find a good brand youll notice lot of mass produced beers like coors and budweiser and all that bullshit taste watered down-id recommend troegs-their the shit- another good thing about microbrews is that their more natural and most times the alcohol is twice as strong compared to regular beers.:hello:
  9. normally i hate drinking but could not make it today sober... sippin on some tiquila

    gonna drink afew beers ina bit

    drinking alone FTW
  10. honestly... who makes their own alcohol? it is legal, and cheap as dirt.

    how much does an eighth of alcohol cost around your neck of the woods??? keep it on the d/l, 5-0 might be scopin'.
  11. i drank too much natural ice once.
    its the nastiest beer ever
    i havent been drinkin in a while since lol
    bad toliet memories
  12. bud lite lime sucks...
  13. 40oz Old-E
    Alize.....hell probably all liquor except wild turkey...and other nasty related shyt
  14. i dont drink cause it tastes like shit then you just puke and pass out. what the fuck is the point of that? maybe its just cause the times i have drank (before i smoked weed :)) i always drank everything i had with me lol.
  15. Haha, I drink alone sometimes, totally for the win. Anyway, I'm not a hard alcohol guy, all about the brews. I'm a big fan of cheap beer 'cause I'm a college kid. Busch Light, Keystone Light, Bud Light, but if I'm feeling classy, I'll sip on some Magic Hats.
  16. omg i hate natural ice....
  17. Whats wrong with saving money, relaxing, and not having to listen to a bunch of idiots be all loud and such?

    I have to agree with drinking alone FTW..

    Or at least drink with someone who shares the same idea
  18. i find drinking more of a group activity. why get that retarded alone, you know? it's fun i'm sure but in many people drinking has earned its title as a party/group type thing
  19. Lets drink sometime :D
  20. Who says you have to drink until youre retarded? After you drink for a few more years, you'll realize drinking til you have a decent buzz, rather than getting shit faced is the way to do it...

    Id love to man.. Im gonna be taking a road trip around the USA here soon, so I'll let you know :D

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