The Official 'Cool Stuff To View While High' Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Billionfold, Sep 4, 2008.


    wheres the kenya kenya video?
  2. ^My god, where do people get this stuff? :D
  3. i love kenya! zebras look so tasty.
  4. I would recomend Paprika, it's a anime movie about dreams. Even when sober it dicks me out, amazing to watch while high.
  5. Awesome. This deserves a sticky.

  6. Oh man... that's crazy stuff. :smoking:
  7. That was cool..... The screen is still wobbling while Im trying to type this.
  8. That one is very very nice :) wow.

    That one is impressive:smoking:
  9. I get that sort of effect by playing Guitar Hero 3. Pause all of a sudden and stare at a wall, looks like the wall is bending in.
  10. Thought this would generate more replies... guess I'm the only one who likes to look at crazy stuff online when stoned. :bongin:

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