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    So who out there is a college football fan?

    The season is officially under way.

    Wake Forest destroyed Baylor 41-13. This being the only top 25 game with WF ranked 21st.

    Some good games this weekend. Glad football season is under way. :hello:
  2. I will give my thoughts.

    All the top 10 teams are good.

    Especially USC, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Florida. Bascially the top 5

    Michigan is in for a long season.

    Alabama is going to surprise a few people.

    LSU is good again.

    My WSU Cougars are in for a long season.

    But so are the Washington Huskies.
  3. Any thoughts on dark horse teams?
  4. I was in Ann Arbor for the first U of M game (i don't go there though) and I thought their offense was impotent. However their defense really turned it up in the second half. Utah is way better than people give them credit for. However, I still think a 7-8 win season would be a success. The years to come will be much better though, don't think this will last.

    dark horse teams I would say ECU, BYU or Utah, maybe Fresno State
  5. Gators & Canes primetime Saturday night, can't wait!

    Go Gators!!!!!
  6. My state disappointed the fuck out of me...UVA got bitch slapped by USC...VT got smoked by E.Carolina. That didnt take long...I'm done after the first week.
  7. Unfortunately I can't watch my Huskies play.. but I hope they stop Temple as opposed to last year's controversial finish.
  8. This Ohio St. vs. Ohio game is getting very interesting. I would love nothing more than to see the Buckeyes get beat...

    I used to live in Ohio and I can't stand the OSU fans.:p
  9. 2 hours till kickoff!!!!!!! :hello:

    Go Gators!!!!!!!!!
  10. What are everyone's thoughts on the USC/OSU game next week?

    Personally, I think OSU is gonna get wrecked
  11. oklahoma's got this shit.
  12. USC will dominate Ohio State.

    Oregon is the fucking shit. We would've won the championship with Dixon (and the 5 or 6 other starters we lost through the season would've helped a lot, and the second and third string QB's we also lost by the time Dixon went down), but whatevs. This year, we're very good again, though we'll probly lose to USC and either Cal or ASU. But remember the ducks.
  13. im sorry to inform everyone that your team doesnt stand a chance against LSU. were gonna take home the championship again bitches! if the game was only in new orleans again. after the game everyone and their moms was on bourbon st. it was amazing


  14. I got one for ya! My Florida State Seminoles.

    The Noles opened up at home with a 69-0 win over Western Carolina. Drew Weatherford is a redshirt senior who started the past three seasons... but this year, he lost his job to two redshirt sophmores; Christian Ponder and D'Vontrey Richardson. Richardson has been described as the most athletic player on the team and according to head coach Bobby Bowden could play any position he wanted to. Ponder is nearly as mobile and altheletic and won the job based on more accurate passing.

    After holding Western Carolina to a three-and-out on the first posession, Tony Carter (replacing the suspended Preston Parker) returned a punt 68 yards for a touchdown. Christian Ponder went 11/17 and 196 yards and three touchdowns including a 54 yard TD pass to Greg Carr before coming out after the first drive of the second half. D'Vontrey Richardson, after rushing for a first down on his first play from scrimmage, ran for a 52 yard touchdown and a 7 yard touchdown following a Western Carolina fumble just seven seconds later. He threw 5/6 for 57 yards.

    All in all, Florida State put up 561 yards of total offense including 290 on the ground. True freshman Jermaine Thomas ran for 91 yards including two TDs. The defense held Western Carolina to 176 total yards giving up only 57 on the ground.

    Now, of course, this is just Western Carolina but you could not ask for a more impressive game out of the Seminoles. If they continue to play like this, Florida State will easily become a National Title contender within the coming weeks. We've got three quarterbacks who could start, two of whom are mobile one described as the most talented athlete on the team. We've got three running backs who could start and about five wide recievers that could play the one slot. Florida State is loaded! I would think the only two teams in the nation as talented would be USC and UF.

    I will let you guys know after the Wake Forest game in two weeks if Florida State is back... for sure. But as of right now things are looking real good down here in Tally.

    2008... the year of the Spear! :D
  15. Hell yeah dude LSU all the way again this year... im a freshman so I didnt get to experience in last year
  16. Oh man... I'm embarrassed of the Pac-10 today. This year, I'm not gonna claim that we're a close second best conference. We're third. But at least my ducks made it out alive. We're much better than we played. Much better. Don't underestimate us, we're gonna win at least 10 games this season. Assuming the injuries stop.

    Georgia looked soft, OSU is just awful, USC is ridiculous.

  17. You're ducks got lucky haha

    (dont worry i know the cougars suck I KNOW)

    But ya all the rest of the Pac-10 had a bad day.

    Oh well at least we still have U$C
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    Another impressive win for the Seminoles. They beat Chattanooga 46-7. Christian Ponder went 13/22 and 180 yards including three TDs in the first half. D'Vo Richardson played the whole second half and went 9/14 passing for 117 yards and ran for another 55 yard touchdown. Antone Smith averaged 6 yards a rush on 13 carries and scored his third TD on the season.

    The defense held Chattanooga to just 164 yards only giving up 29 on the ground. The Mocs were lucky to even score the one touchdown as the Florida State defender slipped trying to make the tackle which gave up the last 30 yards of the play and the touchdown. Minus that one play, the defense played lights out and special teams got a blocked punt for a safety.

    Florida State has moved up to no. 25 in the Coach's Poll and this week the Wake Forest Demon Deacons come to Tallahassee. I am very confident that FSU will put the hurt on Wake Forest and will show the whole country that Florida State football is back. Go Noles!

    Oh yeah, Ohio State is a joke and USC is the real deal. I am not exactly surprized that USC won so easily, but I thought OSU would at least show some fight.

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  19. :D

    I know the Ducks got lucky, but so did Purdue. Both teams easily could've won the game. Trust me though, when we execute at even a decent level, we beat Purdue by 2 touchdowns. A good game, we blow 'em out. We just played AWFUL.
  20. Ohio State...LOL. I hate them Buckeyes and Saturday night was the greatest.

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