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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by l.don, Sep 9, 2009.

    Probably not the best move at the time :ey:
  2. Is it you changing stories around? Lol
  3. I was staying at his friend's house and sleeping on the couch, which was conveniantly located at the base of my friends bed.

    Anyway I thought he was asleep, and I was using his laptop (Looking at porn)

    And all of a sudden I just hear?

    "Whacha doing?"

    And I froze and I'm all like Just on Gumtree classifieds man, and he's like oh okay.

    So next day at school and we all in a group and somebody said something and then all of a sudden he's all like, yeah **** was wanking all night.

    And I'm just like, what!? No I wasn't

    And then he said "Dude the bed was rocking!"
  4. I have to agree. Why is everyone giving this dude so much hate? He wants to share his funny story and all he gets in return are comments saying that he's a perv, he is fucked up, etc.

    however, your argument: "If you werent pervert you werent reading this posts in this page, so fack up you stupid hater of sh!t, you sacks!!!", is also invalid. People who read this thread aren't necessarily all perverts. Most of them are simply stoners who just need a good laugh (Including me). Also, it wasn't really necessary to call the people who commented on your post "stupid hater shit, you sacks." -.-

    Why can't we all just love and tolerate eachother..
  5. Anyone "want" to get caught wanking it for the excitement
  6. Never really been caught in the sordid act , but I do remember vividly the first time I indulged in the act of abusing myself lol

    I was 7 years old and in primary school. I always noticed the older lads giving the international sign depicting a wanker!

    Had no idea what this gesture meant. However was friendly with one of the older lads, so asked him what it meant.

    After a bit of piss taking and laughing at me, he told me exactly what it meant, and I should try it.

    Went home after school had the normal family dinner etc. then up to my room.
    Made sure I was not going be disturbed.

    Laid on bed boxers at knees and away I go lol
    Now I've pretty mastered the art of wanking down to a t these days. However a wee horny 7 year old lets just say I was doing my best. I would have got an A for effort .

    So I've been at it for a good 20 mins I'd say.
    At this point I have to say although my older friend explained the method, he failed to warn me of what was just about to occur.

    I remember this feeling and my legs going really numb, head was all light headed.
    I'd say at that point I thought I was having some sort of stroke. As a 7 year old I didn't even know what a stroke was, but I assure you if I had, then I was fucking taking one right there on my bed lol

    Then I shot my load ( I say load, more like veg glycerine technically pre cum) lol

    It was at this point I seriously considered calling for help. I felt funny I was all hot and thought I had broke my cock as this stuff came out if it.

    It be safe to say I was pretty distressed to say the least lol thankfully I never did call for help and it didn't stop me from doing it again lol
  7. These are hilarious, I've never been caught

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  8. Not caught but something close
    So i was in my room doing my business to the playboy channel and as im about to nut the door opens and i quickly shove my dick in my pants and basically came in my pants It was terrible lmao

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  10. I was like 16 and was laying in my bed in shape of an X butt ass naked. I'm wanking it real slow and sister walks in at the exact time I get this HUGE explosion. The sound of the door opening made me freak and I pulled my dick upwards and the cum got on my shoulder and chest. 
    I'm standing there but naked with cum on my shoulder and all over my chest face to face with my sister. No words are exchanged. She just turns around slowly and walks out. We have not spoke of this incident till this day. 
    That was over 10 years ago.
  11. woah this guys is a major douche
  12. Laying on the couch when I was like 10, my mom is on the other couch behind me, I was not aware of that, I start whacking then all the sudden I hear a voice in a disgusted tone say "what are you doing?" and My spiderman skills kicked in and I quickly said, Im kinda itchy down there, think I have a rash...

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    never do it during the day unless the rents are out and i usually do it during the night anyway and I have been caught almost once. Managed to convince my parents i was shaving my pubes
  14. Ok so I turn on the shower on cold and put porn on my laptop and headphones. The door is slightly open. My mom open my room door and I close the bathroom door with my head out. She didn't see me. But I left my headphones in. She said come watch videos of when you were a baby.

    Sorry if you couldn't understand it it's late and dabbed
  15. There was a country club pool that I used to swim at when I was younger. I wasnt actually a member but would end up going with friends that were and we would all hang out, swimming and eating by the pool and just kind of running around up there.

    Well this pool had jets along the sides that shot water into the pool and some of them had more pressure than others. I eventually found out that if I put my arms over the edge of the pool and positioned myself right the jet would shoot water against my crotch, and it felt damn good.

    So here I am, just 11 or 12 years old at the country club getting off from the jets while families splash around me with no clue. When I look back on it I wonder how strange I must have looked, surely there was a male lifeguard that knew what was up.

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