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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by l.don, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Ok so this literally happened 2 minutes ago.

    So I was doin my business on the computer with headphones in so I can listen to everything, I was thinking maybe I should take the headphones out for a quick sound check to make sure no one is coming. Well I don't know wtf happened but next thing I know my dad just taps me on the shoulder and says thats something you do in your own room.
    I'm just like it's 12:30 and you come downstairs to take a

    Anyways I know I've read some funny ass "got caught" stories in RLS so share. And I'm sure there is no reason to get really into details LOL.
  2. its the worst when you are watching it on TV, hear the door start to open so you change channels real quick but dont put it away fast enough. then your parents think your gettin off to looney toons

  3. Well, my girlfriend was sleeping on the couch in her living room, and I was there too. I put her head between my knees and I started wanking it with her face literally 5 inches from my junk. I wanted to cum in her face as a sort of surprise wake-up gift. After a few minutes of spanking it, I glance over at her stairwell and see her Dad just staring at me with his hands in his pants, also spanking it. We exhange pleasantries for a few minutes, then give each other reacharounds and we both cum in my girlfriend's face

    True story
  4. well if your gonna wank it on a regular basis than you should probably move out... and even then i would rather go pick up a girl than get all down and dirty like that

  5. lol, you must be mad high..

    I think i've been caught a few times.. I don't remember. :smoking:
  6. not about me, but in my freshman year, went out to blaze with a friend of mine. asked my roomie if he wanted to and he said he'd "pass" because he had a lab practical the next day.

    so we leave, hit up a blunt, walk around, grab some food from the all night grille and head back up to my room. originally, we were planning on going over to ANOTHER friend's apt but decided against it. that's what my roommate thought we were going to be doing for the night. so i open the door, with my friend alongside, and yelled "WHATUP MOTHAFUCKAAA!!" to my roomate. no response. so i'm like wtf. I go deeper into the room and there he is, full DJ headphones on, NO shirt, nothing but a pair of boxers and a box of kleenex on the desk on his laptop. I guess he felt the door closing in the room at the last second because he turned around and saw us and had the biggest "OH NO CAUGHT RED HANDED" look. he prompted to try to shut down all his windows but while doing so, yanked out the headphones from the jack on accident, so the whole room started to fill up with moans. i think i lost several pounds from laughing my ass off during that night
  7. hahahaah. +rep for making me L O L in real life.

  8. Hahahaha that's an incredible story.
  9. I caught my bro once...

  10. J
    hHaHa yea that's funny shit

  11. man dis was some funny ass shit!! this thread is goin to be tight lol!!
  12. OMG those funniest storys ever hahaha idc if they true or not this should be a book.
  13. Ok when i was like 15, and we lived in a trailer at the time, i was beatin it by my tv and heard footsteps and shit, cause when you in a trailer when they get close you hear, THUMP THUMP THUMP, and as i was nuttin i heard her my mom comin and i ran and jumped on mah fuckin bed and she was like "come in here i wanna show you somethin" and i just layed there like i was sleep and i was like *in a sleepin like voice* "ok i'll be in there in ah min." when she left i got up and look at mah bed...i had NUT everywhere!!! I just laughed and wiped the shit up!!

    I have soo many stories though!!
  14. I remember walking into the computer room and was about to say something to my bro and realised he was wacking it. I got the fuck out of there as quietly as possible. Too fucking awkward. Dont know why your dad didnt do the same hahahhaha.
  15. lmaoo this thread is gonna be epic

  16. i went downstairs the night before i leave to college to try and sneak out to toke with my friend, and my brother was playing WoW.. so i told him to go upstairs because he has it on his laptop...

    i come back downstairs 30 minutes later and this asshole (he's my older brother - 21, i'm 19) is jerkin off in the dark with his headphones on!!

    all i say is DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK!?!? GO UPSTAIRS. and he did, embarrassed as fuck. imagine being caught by your younger sister, and that's her last memory of you. :mad:
  17. I caught my mom and just kept on walking. She was watching the TV and the tv room had double doors, which had been taken off. I just kept on walking by quickly, and all I could hear was "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" that's something I just never like to remember.
  18. I once almost got caught by my uncle who hadn't seen me for 10+ years. He just busted in my house 2 hours before he was supposed to arrive, and I was mid-wank. I just dashed to my couch and pretended to be asleep before he realized I was even home.

    And once my girlfriend caught me jerkin' my gerkin. I was on the couch, watching TV (it's my house, I can jerk it where ever I please, damn it). She came rushing through the room (I think she was looking for something), saw me, stopped dead in her tracks, and just went, "...Really, dude? Right here?" Then she shook her head, and walked away. I resumed my cranking immediately after.
  19. I swear to god, I probably would've pissed myself from laughter If I was there. Some funny shit man! :D
  20. Course it is !!!

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