The Official Caught Wanking it Thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by l.don, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Fuck i feel bad for you man
    You could have ended up like 1guy1jar :eek:
  3. Told this story in another thread, so here it is again.
    Was dating this girl in college and she had stayed over.  We woke up and I wanted some, but she said she had to get to class.  So she goes down the hall to take a shower, or so I thought.  I estimated I had given her enough time to be in the shower, grabbed a sock and went at it.  Well, it turns out she didn't have time for a shower and in she came.  Busted.  Said something about me must have been horny and laughed.  Very embarassed at this point, but she just joined me and gave me a quick BJ/HJ and left for class.
    She was a cool chick but had some issues.
  5. Hahahaha dude thats seriouy funny as hell lol
  6. my dad and i have caught each other masturbating at least 5 times
  7. ^ have you ever just joined in on a dick flute duet??
  8. wtf lol, i hope yall are tight cuz that would be awk for me and my dad we are not close really
  9. funniest one I've read so far

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  10. I caught my cousin wacking off in the bathroom once. The fucker didn't close the door so I popped in, we made eye contact for one second and I bolted out and never mentioned it. 
    Recently I caught him in my room about to fap to those late night cinemax pornos, I walked in and caught him lowering his zipper. I pretended I didn't see that either. 
    God damn it.
  11.  Never got caught doing the knuckle shuffle, but this might be of interest. When I was a kid, I was having sex with my girlfriend and my dad knocked on my door to come help him with the fence. I got up, walked outside, and I guess the friction was too much because I started to orgasm while staring at the friggin' fence. I don't think anyone has ever looked that excited to see a fence in the history of fences.
     Here's another whopper, I was sixteen and getting a trouser-friendly kiss from my girl at Zuma beach at night. We were under a blanket with my head sticking out one end and her feet sticking out the other. Well, wouldn't you know, some cops came along and put the spotlight on us. After a few moments I heard the two cops laughing like hyenas at what at first they probably thought was a nine foot tall dude laying under a blanket on the beach with his feet on backwards. Anyway, we gather up our crap and head over to the cops who were almost in tears to just get told to leave.
     Sorry, didn't have any wank stories but wanted to share anyway :)
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  12. ^ Hahaha what a great night for those cops. For all you know you gave them the laugh that inspired them to not arrest someone for weed later that night :p maybe just maybe
  13. I saw my cousin havin fun in the bathroom once. She didnt notice me so i just walked away.

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  14. I was watching some gay porn/ reading some gay stories and started yanking it and got to the climax and right as I was about to shoot my load. My cousin comes in and looks at me like WTF. He then started sucking me off. It was fantastic.
  15. You win the internet for today
  16. Oh my..
  17. Grandma caught me wackin it to Hannah Montana. No use denying it, i was really spankin it.
  18. Laying underneath the bath tub faucet for over an hour and my mom burst in even with the door locked. Ugh.

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