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The official beer for stoners

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. .... its got to be Miller High Life. How could it not be with the name "High Life". :D
  2. Never tried it, how about buckfast :)
  3. mmmm... miller. it's miller time
  4. ...Duff?...Doh!!
  5. The official beer for this stoner is Miller Lite...Oh, and Corona. So, I have 2 official beers. :D
  6. I'm a Corona man. With a lime wedge. Mmmm. COoool. Refreshing. I think I'll smoke a bowl with that beer... but I'm already high.

  7. Uh...get higher!!!!!!! :p
  8. alexander keiths its a eastern canadian beer ,got to live here too get it
  9. You have got to be shitting me!!! Your favorite beer is Miller High Life "the champagne of beers"? YUCK, you might as well drink piss. Try Silver Bullets.....nuf' said
  10. My vote for Heineken! It's made in Amsterdam, comes in a green bottle and it actually taste GOOD....!!
  11. I like the regular miller high life.. I don't like any of the lite's...

    If we talk budwieser....... Bud lite!!!!!!
  13. "chill with indica and guinness"

    Plus im irish, so i have to drink an irish beer, so this is my official stoner beer!

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  14. *pokes head in from around corner*

  15. *runs over sensi and bursts into room*


    bud weis

    bud weis

    bud weis

    bud weis errrrrrr
  16. in no particlular order...

    Heineken (dutch)
    Carlsberg (danish)
    Tuborg (danish)

    but i had a few beers too many yesterday, so no cool refreshing drink for me today. and my head hurts, and i'm thirsty as hell. strange that considering how much i drank yesterday...
  17. HIGH All, well we All know what we drink...........

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  18. this is the only I drink. I havnt really tried anything else and im sure I could fine a different, but this is my official beer!

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