the offical 'reasons to sign up' thread

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. okay guys and gals!
    we gotta convince my mate that started me off to join the forums coz hes cool and cool people rule
    give him some reasons!
  2. its one bigazz stoner circle....ONLINE! the wealth of info you get from everyone pays off bigtime
  3. cus you ant got a thing if you ant got that cling!
  4. Excellent dental plan...
  5. 1.9% A.P.R. financing for 24 to 60 months...

  6. haha! that threads great! i've used it on a couple of occasions :D
  7. Because if yer not here, yer nowhere!

  8. where else can u go and have a shit load of stoners to talk too???
  9. where elts would a blade go?
  10. shhh... im not here...

  11. You stole my answer! HEHEHE
  12. And we musn't forget the underground harem of beautiful, young virgins, restocked every Monday and Thursday...
  13. ^ Yea that was a great idea Super Joint!^

    O yea, super joint, sensimil, and TheHempress... what more could you need? ...besides the virgins that is.
  14. You know that saying about if you put a 100 monkeys in a room with 100 typewriters and give them an infinite amount of time they'll eventually write shakespeare?

    This site is kind of like that, except all the monkeys are stoned.

  15. i like monkeys :D

  16. LMAO!!!!

    and yeah....
    except these monkeys are writing far more interesting things than shakespear ever did.
    ... and we got over 8000 monkeys (part timers included)

    another reason....
    every type of stoner is accounted for here. except assholes who just love to flame because they're 14 years old and havnt yet mastered teh ability to "retort" properly. ;) the atmosphere thats created here by both blades and modblades is the finest to be found on the internet.
    ...and in true stoner fasion, you dont need to go far to be able to buy your next pipe or your years supply of rolling papers.
  17. you know i meant digit too!

    digit, sensimil, super j, TheHempress, and [insert your name here]. Doesn't get any better!

  19. idk if u realised or not.. but you already included me first time in a round about way. ;) lol.

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