The not ending

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. IF YOU END YOU WILL not know where you whare, and youMAy get eaten to the ground er, (now) so please *or noy), say whther you mean?
  2. You are high as fuck dude
  3. Subbed to this crazy thread. See ya in the a.m. , stoned shitless OP
  4. no i only am satedwish to sleep also but cannot tell if its real and happenng?
  5. PEACE AND LOVE your mind is mine your eyes may look fine you better find the man with no ending before he runs like he always does. disappears as you know and for what? just to get inside what he thinks he knows and leaves everyone angry and shocked before the final eyes. narrow green land bridge falling apart will lead you to the earth's heart but turn and its gone, away and forgotten.

    do you fucking understand me

  6. ..No?
  7. im a robot therefore i am not designed to "end"
  8. So, who feels like getting laid.... ?
  9. I would not mind that at all Rerun. But then I have to do stuff like be nice and listen to things....

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