The No Holds Barge Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by ChronicSmoke420, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Have yo ever just wanted a thread where anything goes? because i definitly have, i say in this thread we dicuss various contrevercial topics, but admins dont get involved and tell you not to flame or insult its the point of the thred here get it?

    so how about we start with a really good one?

    whats every1s view on gay marriage(sp?) because i say no. feel free to do all that nasty shit but u cant fuck with marriage.
  2. if gay people want to get married let them its a free country or at least they say it is
  3. You can\'t tell us where we can and cannot moderate. Any flaming or insults in this thread will be dealt with like any other.
  4. Oooh pwned :p
  5. There is already an entire section called pandoras box that is dedicated to this.

    edit: never mind, I just looked and didnt see it. Am I making this up in my head.

    edit: double never mind, it was the last section on the list. I just didnt scroll far enough.
  6. Its no holds \'barred\'
  7. \'\'WORD\'\' !!!!!:p

    im down for some gay marriage,, it don5t affect my life none....:cool:
  8. Closing it now would be a great idea, this is what we have Pandora\'s Box and the S&P forum for

    Hahaha, QFT. Not only does he apparently not grasp colloquial phrases, dude thinks marriage is some sort of \"sacred union between a man and a woman\", when in reality it\'s a bunch of people gathered in a church to watch two people put on rings, do some dances or cultural traditions, and watch half of everything the man owns instantly transfer to the woman.. It\'s a legal partnership and sharing of rights, finances, responsibility and property. That\'s all marriage used to be for- Hence, arranged marriage.

    Or a couple people in a courthouse, which is a more realistic portrayal of what marriage really is.
  9. Thank you.

    This thread redicoulus.

    How about i make a house in Detroit where i can commit any crime i want and police have no say. Makes sense right. :rolleyes:

  10. Too true.

    This thread gives me a chuckle.
  11. Look! A barge!!

  12. Is it the no holds barge?
  13. If I ever buy a boat, I\'m going to name it The No Holds Barge

  14. I don\'t get it.
    There are no such threads nor with there be.

    Those forums are moderated, as well.
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