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  1. Hello people of Grasscity! haha anyways, me and a friend have purchased a 14" (more or less) 10 hole inline perc 3 hole dome perc bong, or water pipe, from another friend for about $120. it has a simple bowl piece and 3 pinch ice catcher with no brand name logos on it or anything. so whats the next step up? by the way this piece is a beast! if i can i'll get a picture or two up later. and along with this piece we also own a simple spiral perc bubbler and a little spoon pipe.

    so would an ash catcher be a good upgrade for it? or just save up and buy a whole new bong? thank you and happy toking :smoke:
  2. You could add a nice inline ash catcher but that could add drag you're bong sounds nice why do you want to upgrade?
  3. You could also get a new slider like a disc diffused or some thing that could change it up a bit
  4. It really depends. Is your bong still kinda hard on the lungs? Is there alot of drag? Do you mind adding more drag? If you still want it smoother, but you don't mind adding the extra drag get a ashcatcher.
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    i want to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading i guess. and its one of the smoother things ive hit but i still cough because i just dont have the lungs built up yet. and any other tips on how to prevent coughing? and the drag is not bad at all right now, and doesnt seem to be that big of a factor to me.
    oh and if anyone knows how to clean my bong that would be helpful too i tried today but its still pretty bad because its used almost every day

  6. Not to much you can do besides take smaller hits really or add ice to your bong.

  7. yeah i figured but i use ice too and i just wonder how i see people kill a gram bowl with taking only one hit

  8. Ya, I'm still trying to figure that one out haha. I guess some people just have iron lungs and others, like myself have bitch lungs lol
  9. dont worry you aren't the only one haha and btw i love your bowlpiece in your profile pic

  10. Thanks man!

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