the next Eminem

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    I introduce to yall a special rapper, I promote this cat all day this my boy who actually taught me to spit. So when yall read my nasty lil scripts in the battle threads yall readin something that this kid taught me to do this my boy show some love and check out his joints on reverbnation he gotta few. The sound quality for most the songs is ass but obviously theyre just freestyles/demos. This cat remind me of B.E.N.E.F.I.T. how he be doin that. check this cat out i stay promotin real hip hop my boy do his thing. He even got a track produced by Benefit featuring Inspectah Deck the Rebel INS. Thats on youtube. Peep da reverbnation tracks, kids got a unique flow.

    Kid raps about smoking weed, not smoking weed, getting money, not having money, the good, the bad,pothead rhymes w/ a spice of social awareness. Get familiar :smoke:

    So come clean and keep it real if ya like the sound
  2. Vocals sounds terrible essay.
  3. Another reason I hate this section of GC, too much self promotion
  4. dope shit son keep doin your thing. raw hip hop
  5. Too monotone. Didn't dig the vocals at all mah dude :/
  6. the next eminem? more like the next vanilla ice

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